Greatly entertained with this middle school listen, BLACKHEART’S LEGACY by Sally Copus narrated by Paul Woodson

What a fantastic adventure! Meant to be for 9 through 14 year olds, but I’m telling you right now, I found it exciting with time travel to 1692, Port Royal, Jamaica Islands. It’s everything a youngster would love and those of us ‘oldies’ ready to travel to far-off lands. But this time travel was an ‘oops’, almost ending in disaster.

“Traveling with Jon on his journey has enriched my life,” says Copus. “I can’t wait to see where he takes me next and what we find there.”

BlackheartLegacyTitle: BlackHeart’s Legacy: The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair, book one
Author: Sally Copus
Genre: Fantasy action adventure touching on real events
Ages: Level: 9 to 14; enjoyed by those looking of adventure on the seas
Pages: 331
Published by: Create Space, 1st edition
Published Date: August 28, 2012



The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair Series:
Book 1 Blackheart’s Legacy
Book 2 The Keys to Atlantis KeysToAtlantis
Book 3 Not titled, but will be in the 24th century

Publisher’s Summary

Jon Sinclair is a precocious 12-year-old boy, living with grandparents who have a very unique hobby: time travel. Having already made several trips in the time capsule known as the Carousel, Jon and his grandmother plan a trip back to July 4, 1776, to watch the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

But things go horribly awry when the computer system of their space  ship malfunctions, and they are thrust onto the shores of Port Royal, Jamaica, in 1692. As his grandmother works to repair the back-in-time ship, Jon wanders off on his own…and is promptly kidnapped by the notorious pirate, Captain BlackHeart. Forced into the role of cabin boy, Jon does his best to adapt to a rugged life at sea as his grandparents embark on a desperate search to find (3)

Will Jon survive his frightening ordeal? Or will he meet his fate at the hands of rival pirates – or, worse yet, as the result of a tidal wave that threatens to destroy the entire pirate stronghold?

Filled with excitement, mystery, and harrowing danger, BlackHeart’s Legacy, Book One in the Odyssey of Jon Sinclair trilogy, is a thrilling time-travel adventure that will captivate listeners of all ages.

©2010 Sally Ann Copus (P)2015 Sally Ann Copus

My Thoughts: What a fun adventure with Jon and his Grammy and later Allistair at the infamous Pirates’ Babylon, better known as Port Royal in the Jamaican Islands.

We didn’t know where we were when we eventually reappeared other than it was 1692. However, Sally Copus did a terrific job, along with narrator Paul Woodson, through her words and his way of storytelling to bring us up to speed. We saw the forest where the Carousel landed, the town of Port Royal with ships in the harbor, the pirates and people ath (4) little unsavory.

Jon separates from his grandmother (not such a good idea Jon), however this creates a bunch of adventure we shared with Jon. Grammy, dressed as a young lad, eventually locates Jon when she cleverly listens for any word from the men coming off the ships.

Now BlackHeart was an unusual pirate and we find out how in the storytelling. SharkScar was one scary character and a true evil man who never seemed to disappear — always reappearing and creating havoc, both for BlackHeart and then for the Sinclairs. Each pirate tried to outmaneuver the other to get to sunken treasures.

I learned a lot with this listen and that’s just the way I like it.  The pirates used a bell divingdivingBell1 divingBell2 apparatus a predecessor of diving equipment.  It truly existed.  Any time a story piques my interest in a historical event and gives me insight to the workings of people’s minds, I say it was very much worth the read.

black-opal-gem-324251bThe special black opal ring BlackHeart wore was very intriguing, adding the spice of the paranormal. I hope we hear more about this gem in the following stories of the series. I love the fantasy mix with some real events, although it had me googling to try to know fact from fiction.

Yes, my readers, there was an earthquake in 1692 that dropped part of Port Royal into the sea and if you go to that small town and do some skin diving, you’ll see a city under water. I wonder how much treasure is left buried in that area. Ah, more googling will help me find my (8)

Ms. Copus entertained me greatly at the same time as providing me knowledge about the past. I was surprised how engaged I was when it was geared for middle school.  Narrator Paul Woodson truly brought to life the characters with his depiction of pirates and their unsavory thoughts with his usual superb performance.

Some things I take away from the story: Not all spoken is the truth, nor are appearances necessarily reality. People of the 17th century were as we see them today: some good men and women trying to make a difference, some people need to be given a helping hand to help themselves, other people are guided by greed and nothing will deter them from their path.

Great trailer for Blackheart’s Legacy to get in the mood for a wonderful narration by none other than Paul Woodson!

4210733About the Author: Sally Copus is enjoying a second career as a full-time writer. The former CEO of a large direct marketing firm, she combines her extensive world travels with a love of history to bring the past to life for young readers.

BlackHeart’s Legacy is the first book in The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair series, followed by the highly anticipated Keys to Atlantis.

Copus resides in a pre-Civil War home built in 1850 that overlooks the majestic Missouri River in historic Lexington, Missouri. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and her four grandchildren.

Read more on author’s website: She has some wonderful images of the characters, treasures and cannons.

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    Eileen, there are some children’s books that I can still read and enjoy.My favourites are Children of the New Forest by Captain Frederick Marryat and Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden.


  3. I have another blog I sorely neglect. It’s called Young Adult Book Shelf. I need to read more of these good books and run my reviews there as well. Thanks for the suggestions!

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