Four short stories by a determined young author on a mission, Lorraine Reguly

22603590Title: Risky Issues: Stories About identity, Drugs, Abuse, Death and Friendship
Author: Lorraine Reguly
Genre: Coming of Age, Short Stories
Pages: 52
Published by: Lorraine Reguly
Published Date: June 28, 2014

About the book: The stories in Risky Issues bring to light many issues faced by children, teenagers, and even adults.

The first story, The Secrets of the Study, is about a girl who enters her father’s study to get some blank printer paper but instead finds papers that reveal she is adopted. To compound things, her father catches her…

The second story, Pamela in the Park, is about a teenage girl who is out past curfew and is supposed to meet a temperamental drug dealer in the park to give him back some drugs she was holding for him. He doesn’t show up, but a policeman does…

The third story, The Day Adam Saw Red, is about sexual abuse. Adam, a victim, gives a speech to his class about this topic, and then goes outside to sit under an oak tree to ponder his dire situation, as his speech was a masked cry for help. He is befriended by the school custodian, who is thought to be “creepy” but who takes the time to speak to him to help solve his problem…

My Thoughts: This book is a really quick read, meant for a read at lunch time or I’d consider it a sampler of writing style for this author. It may also touch someone who is going through such problems, however, I don’t think it goes far enough in the telling. It lacked the depth necessary to have the reader sigh with some sort of emotion. By the time I got my teeth into the read, it was finished. I enjoy conflict, layers of it, terrible things happening and then a happily ever after ending. Perhaps this wasn’t what Ms. Reguly wanted to convey, but that is the type of read I want and enjoy. I enjoyed the stories, they just weren’t enough.

The stories are short, but with powerful messages. Lorraine Reguly writes well. Her grammar is impeccable and she is very clear with what she says. This is her first published book; that tells me she a gritty, determined young lady. Please see author information below.

She is just beginning her career in writing. I’d like to see her write something longer, more involved, more layers of conflict, more characters with sub-stories of their own, pulling every emotion from the reader as the unthinkable happens, increasing the tension of the read and then most definitely with a happy ever after ending. Her life experiences put her in position to make a great impact. In fact, these stories provide a good story plot to three different and highly emotional events which some teenagers experience. I commend and applaud her efforts here, and I hope she does more with her writing.

be548addec4a8f22e5aaf676605a1eedAbout the Author: Lorraine Reguly, a rape survivor and single mother, is a Canadian-based high school English teacher-turned-freelancing-entrepreneur. Her websites include Wording Well (which offers writing, freelancing, and blogging tips) and Laying It Out There (where she shares personal stories on True Tales Tuesdays and features book reviews, author interviews, and other things – such as information related to self-publishing – on Featured Fridays). Lorraine loves reading murder mysteries, playing cards, spending time with her family, and shooting pool. She likes cats – even though she’s allergic to them – and dislikes snow and cold weather. One day, she hopes to live near a beach so she can go swimming every day.


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