Audiobook Review: MCKENNA’S HONOR by Suzan Tisdale

51YE-m5tWPL._SL300_Title: McKenna’s Honor, The Clan MacDougall, Book 4
Author: Suzan Tisdale
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: Scotland, 1347
Published Date: July 26, 2013
Pages: 99
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.



Narrated by: Brad Wills
Length: 4 hours, 56 minutes
Published by: Suzan Tisdale
Release Date: December 30, 2013

The Clan MacDougall Series
Laiden’s Daughter, Book 1
Findley’s Lass,
Book 2
Wee William’s Woman,
Book 3
McKenna’s Honor,
Book 4

Publisher’s Summary: Dark times have fallen upon Scotland. King David II is a prisoner of England. Angus McKenna, revered chief of Clan MacDougall, and his son-in-law Duncan McEwan sit in a dungeon in Edinburgh, accused of crimes against their king and country. Their wives are missing.

Can devotion, honor and fealty light a candle in the darkness?

Invoking the Bond of the Seven Clans, Nial McKee, son-in-law to Angus McKenna sets out to discover the truth behind the charges. While he enlists the help of his good friends Caelen McDunnah and Rowan Graham, his lovely wife Bree appeals to friends of her own for a much different kind of assistance.

But time is running out for Angus and Duncan. Friendship and love of family alone might not be enough to save McKenna’s Honor.

©2013 Suzan Tisdale (P)2013 Suzan Tisdale

My Thoughts: This novella brought together the main and secondary characters of the three previous books of the series, so to be able to really appreciate the genius of this story, you would be benefitted by reading at least one of the previous books in the series.

All the clans came together with one purpose – to free their Laird Agnus and his foster son Duncan McEwan. The story takes off in a frenzy. Clan men are traveling to Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany to ask for a pardon. The clans have come together, an agreement made some years back where if a clan is in need of assistance, the others will provide it. This goal elicits themes centered around honor, love, greed and jealously.

Forces, the listener is not aware of who or what, are against Angus and Duncan. Both men said they were guilty of a crime which is punishable by death. Why? Time grows short while the clans race to their aid. Suzan Tisdale has hidden the antagonist so well behind twists and turns, it was a complete surprise when revealed.

The wives of his most trusted friends also scheme to ‘kidnap’ the two men. They very nearly succeed. However, the results are not what they imagine. I wanted, no NEEDED to see how the men would be saved. Who would or could provide proof of their innocence? And who is the bastard trying to do this?

For a novella, it was extremely entertaining, wonderfully fast-paced and I was cheering for their success in saving Agnus and Duncan. It truly was a wonderful ending to this series. Ms. Tisdale is one of those historical romance writers who put lots of history into the story, so after I finished the listen, I spent some time quenching my curiosity about the history around these events.

Arlene Lindsay, the young wife of the laird of one of the seven clans, was given a secret by her ill and dying husband to clear Agnus and Duncan. He asked her to travel to Castle Sterling to present the proof. Someone knew she had it for she and her travelling companions were attacked on the way. Who wants Agnus and Duncan dead so desperately? And now who is willing to kill a woman to make it happen? My reader friends, this is one nail-biting read with plenty of suspense.

Brad Wills voiceover is perfect for Suzan Tisdale’s series. If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to his work, you really should. He is one of the best. He has such control over emotional scenes, changing from one emotion to another even in a scene where emotions are totally different. He’s marvelous when he speaks the inner thoughts of the characters. He had me ‘watching’ the silver screen with the listen. Between Ms. Tisdale’s writing and his production, I spent hours of pure entertainment deep in the highlands. Thank you both.

Suzan TisdaleAbout the Author: Suzan lives in the Midwest with her verra handsome carpenter husband and the youngest of their four children. Monetary donations are currently being accepted to help feed their 17-year-old, 6’3″, built-like-a-linebacker son and keep him in shoes.

Some people say she is obsessed with writing. Suzan prefers to think of it as a passion. While there is great joy in writing, the biggest joy comes in sharing what you’ve written with the world. So she writes passionately and shares her work joyfully with the intent of bringing smiles to her readers’ faces.

You can visit Suzan at her website:

Follow me on FaceBook at Twitter@suzantisdale

Brad Wills - headshot 1About the Narrator: Brad Wills has been narrating audio books for a little over two and a half years, specializing in the Historical Romance genre.  His most frequent collaborators are Kathryn Le Veque, Suzan Tisdale, and Amy Jarecki.

Other titles he has narrated for Ms. Tisdale include ROWAN’S LADY, WEE WILLIAM’S WOMAN, and MCKENNA’S HONOR.  Next up is FREDERICK’S QUEEN from the Clan Graham Series.

Before diving into the realm of audio book narration, Brad spent 20 years in New York as an actor/singer.  His credits include the 20th Anniversary Broadway revival of ANNIE, touring with MAMMA MIA! and THE WIZARD OF OZ, and numerous regional productions.  As a singer, Brad made appearances in several cabaret shows, and sang with the á capella jazz octet Pieces of 8, with whom he recorded the album FALLING TOGETHER.  He was also featured on the Grammy-nominated (Best Opera Recording, 2004) studio recording of composer Edward Thomas’ operatic adaptation of DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS



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