Audiobook Review: FINDLEY’S LASS by Suzan Tisdale, book 2 of The Clan MacDougall series

51OcKTogQmL._SL300_Title: Findley’s Lass, book 2 of The Clan MacDougall
Author: Suzan Tisdale
Genre: Historical Romance, Medieval
Story Setting: Highlands of Scotland, 1344
Pages: 294
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Narrated by: Brad Wills
Length: 13 hours
Release Date: March 11, 2014
Published by: Suzan Tisdale

The Clan MacDougall Series
Laiden’s Daughter, Book 1
Findley’s Lass,
Book 2
Wee William’s Woman,
Book 3
McKenna’s Honor,
Book 4

Publisher’s Summary: The Highlands of Scotland, Autumn 1344….. She had won his heart without trying… and he can only pray for the chance to give her his. When Findley McKenna returns after his battle with the English to offer Maggy Boyle a home amongst his clan, he finds only death and destruction instead of the young widow who has stolen his heart. The only things left of her home is the burned out hut and decaying bodies of the auld people Maggy has taken care of for the past three years. With only a prayer, his Highlander heart, and a bit of bloodied plaid to cling to, Findley will crawl through hell if he must, in order to find Maggy and her sons and avenge the massacre before him.

How can she place her trust or her heart in the hands of a man she barely knows and maintain her freedom and keep her secrets hidden? Maggy has secrets, and her own hell to crawl through, before she can give her trust or heart to any man. Fearful that the uncle of her late husband will force her into a marriage with another cold and vindictive man, she goes into hiding to keep her true identity secret and her adopted sons together. After her home is destroyed and her young son kidnapped, those secrets begin to unravel, one agonizing thread at a time. How can she place her trust or her heart in the hands of a man she barely knows and still maintain her freedom and keep her secrets hidden? Findley McKenna is her last vestige of hope at keeping both.

©2012 Suzan Tisdale (P)2014 Suzan Tisdale

My Thoughts: In general, Suzan Tisdale’s writing style moves you right into the story. Her stories cater to my heart and the goodness of men—well some men, that is, who can be called heroes. There are moments to her bard which I liken to chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven. They melt on the palette where one is not enough. I’ve been thoroughly delighted with this series. I thrill to know I’ve still one more to read. On the whole her stories, even though there is plenty of internal and external conflict, emphasize the appeal of her hero and heroine which have sterling characters. Consequently, the reader is uplifted throughout the read rather than disgusted with the lot of man. This here is one lass who will pick up any story Suzan Tisdale puts her pen to.

Findley belongs to the McKenna clan where many a good man protects his own. It’s a clan any warrior would be proud to protect for their laird is fair. From the moment he met Maggy, he knew her to be special, special to him. His challenge was for her to see he could be the same to her. A man of patience and tenderness along with a huge heart, let alone his handsome features would make him a catch for any woman. But beauty and love are not so easy for the plucking. Maggy truly tries his patience and is someone to contend with when angered. She hides her past, making it even harder for him to protect her. So more times than not, they are at odds further frustrating our hero. He needs for her to swoon with admiration at his feet, not the bantering and bickering they so much engage. But all made this a glorious, entertaining story.

This is a story where a woman learns to accept adversity, to live alone because it’s safer, to be thought dead by her family. Her past continues to haunt her, always looking behind her back. She’s strong, intelligent and lives through physical hardship; out in harsh weather, little food, tortuous days on horseback, poisoned twice, and maltreated by men out to do her harm. But through it all she holds to her dignity and like a lioness, fights for her children.

Because of her past, Maggy didn’t trust men for they all had some kind of string attached to what they offered. She certainly couldn’t give in to Findley’s charm and had a very hard time trusting him. But she needed help and he offered. What did he want in return? She had secrets to keep, MUST keep and getting close to anyone may put them in danger and expose her.

We don’t pick whom we fall in love with and Maggy realizes she’s in love with Findley, but knows they can never be together. The reader doesn’t even know why, so as Findley learns of it, we do too.  There are words of hurt, though they come not with hatred. Some lovely scenes very well written. Keep your tissue close.

It takes faith, trust and love to unravel the noose tightening around Maggy’s neck. Luckily Ms. Tisdale supplies them all. We get our happy ever after, whereby one more of the MacDougall clan is happily partnered with the love of his life.

I enjoyed many of the characters who I had learned to love in the other two books of the series I’ve read. They are all so brawn and kind. Wee William played a large part in this story, although this wasn’t ‘his’ story for that comes in book 3. He has some very good advice for Maggy. He told her not to let her adversary have power over her, for at that moment he wins.

The man behind Maggie’s fear was Laird Brockton, her guardian. He was a cruel man who enjoyed manipulating her. Narrator Brad Wills’ depicted this scum of a man with perfection. He uses wonderful voices for the children, very authentic, tugging the reader’s heartstrings to witness the purity of a child’s heart and how they can be pawns of a larger game. He does such a convincing rendering of Maggy, her emotions become mine. Lovely, lovely job, as usual.

Suzan TisdaleAbout the Author: Suzan lives in the Midwest with her verra handsome carpenter husband and the youngest of their four children. Monetary donations are currently being accepted to help feed their 17-year-old, 6’3″, built-like-a-linebacker son and keep him in shoes.

Some people say she is obsessed with writing. Suzan prefers to think of it as a passion. While there is great joy in writing, the biggest joy comes in sharing what you’ve written with the world. So she writes passionately and shares her work joyfully with the intent of bringing smiles to her readers’ faces.

You can visit Suzan at her website:

Follow me on FaceBook at Twitter@suzantisdale

Brad Wills - headshot 1About the Narrator: Brad Wills has been narrating audio books for a little over two and a half years, specializing in the Historical Romance genre.  His most frequent collaborators are Kathryn Le Veque, Suzan Tisdale, and Amy Jarecki.

Other titles he has narrated for Ms. Tisdale include ROWAN’S LADY, WEE WILLIAM’S WOMAN, and MCKENNA’S HONOR. Next up is FREDERICK’S QUEEN from the Clan Graham Series.

Before diving into the realm of audio book narration, Brad spent 20 years in New York as an actor/singer.  His credits include the 20th Anniversary Broadway revival of ANNIE, touring with MAMMA MIA! and THE WIZARD OF OZ, and numerous regional productions.  As a singer, Brad made appearances in several cabaret shows, and sang with the á capella jazz octet Pieces of 8, with whom he recorded the album FALLING TOGETHER.  He was also featured on the Grammy-nominated (Best Opera Recording, 2004) studio recording of composer Edward Thomas’ operatic adaptation of DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS

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7 Responses to Audiobook Review: FINDLEY’S LASS by Suzan Tisdale, book 2 of The Clan MacDougall series

  1. Awwww! Eileen! I am so glad you enjoyed this story. Some people thought Maggy was a harpy — to which I argue, no, she was fighting to keep her family together. Sending you great big hugs of thanks!! xoxooxox


  2. She was a warrior of her own with lots of fear prodding her on. Great story.


  3. lovely review!! I do love audiobook…so I think I might just add this one to my list…especially when I haven’t read this author before.


  4. She’s a delight. I haven’t been reading her long, but everything I get my hands on is wonderful. This particular one is on special at audible right now! 🙂


  5. seelkfireice says:

    What a great review Eileen! You have a way with words too 😉 I love Suzan’s books, read them all, and the audiobooks … Brad Wills brings them to life in vivid colour.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I enjoy your blog as well. Thank you, sweet thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. carolcork says:

    Another wonderful review which so makes me want to read this series, Eileen!


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