Audiobook Review: WICKED AT HEART by Danelle Harmon

Where do I begin when I talk about this talented author and narrator? All senses are called to arms!  A stunning, captivating listen.  I loved it all…

 “Arguably one of the best novels starring a tortured hero… Just for the hero, this book deserves to be discovered, but the novel goes far beyond.  Passionate and very sensual … full of fury and passion in the great tradition of traditional romance!”   — Editor, Blue Moon (translated from the French)

Wicked at heartTitle: Wicked at Heart, Heroes of the Sea, Book 5
Author: Danelle Harmon
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 342
Story Setting: Prologue 1802; 1813 Portsmouth, England
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Release Date: July 14, 2012

Voiceover by: Wayne Farrell
Length: 12 hours, 22 minutes
Release Date: February 18, 2015
Published by: Danelle Harmon, Inc.

Heroes of the Sea Series:
Captain of My Heart
Master of My Dreams
My Lady Pirate
Taken by Storm
Wicked at Heart
Lord of the Sea

Publisher’s Summary: England, 1813. Damon de Wolfe, the sixth Marquess of Morninghall (a finalist for Romantic Times Magazine’s K.I.S.S. Hero of the Year) is dark, diabolical, and very, very dangerous. Tortured by his past and driven by his desire for revenge, the former naval hero has fallen from grace after infuriating his superiors. Now seething with anger in his lowly role of prison ship commander, he has locked away his brutal childhood memories and allows no one into his world. When beautiful and independent social reformer Lady Gwyneth Evans Simms dares to clash with him over mistreated prisoners, she unwittingly throws herself into the most perilous fight of her life. And Damon embarks on a journey of healing and discovery as the lovely widow seeks to exorcise the demons haunting his very soul through lessons in love. A gripping and emotional Beauty and the Beast tale by bestselling, multi-award winning author Danelle Harmon (author of the de Montforte Brothers series).

My Thoughts: My, oh my! Danelle Harmon NEVER fails to charm me in all the books she’s penned. Her stories hold suspense, wit, passion, fear and always a happy ever after ending, even when events seem to be bad and can’t get worse, then it looks like all is well until she sinks you beyond the worst possible happening. Brilliant!

She does a stunning job, no, even more than stunning when it comes to description and squeezing every last ounce of emotion out of a scene she painstakingly describes. You hang on every word. Narrator Wayne Farrell tells the story with such aptitude, it couldn’t be more perfect.

Her depiction and thorough description of unfolding events held me as captive as the prisoners–unbelievably beautiful and riveting. Even after a listen of over 12 hours, I wasn’t ready to let go.

Ms. Harmon empties the canvas and focuses on each detail painting such a vivid picture I could step into it. She describes the deplorable living accommodations of the prisoners of war on the prison ship our ill-fated hero captains, with its maggots, weevils and air so foul and fetid one is close to retching. She describes the descent into the living quarters of the prisoners until you are face to face with a child of thirteen, close to starving. It is only the encouragement of his older brother Nathan who keeps him from giving in. You descend behind Lady Gwyneth who demands and threatens the captain by gun (yes, she’s some feisty woman) to get what she wants.

Lady Gwyneth’s mission is to improve the lot of the prisoners and chose this particular prison ship to start her campaign. She is a force to be reckoned with. She is a marvelously strong, opinionated, and touchingly loving heroine. Her temper and independence don’t always have good results. She’ll jump from the frying pan into the fire!

Damon de Wolf was also a force; angry, steely, hated himself most of all, and clearly needed to face his past. Once Gwyneth saw some good in Damon, she badgered him hoping he would change his ways. She also opened his eyes to the deplorable condition of the prisoners. He had never seen any of it, sulking in his cabin most times until she dragged him down.

Wayne Farrell has a unique voice–lilting and soft-spoken. He really showed what he’s capable of in this story; Damon was a very complex man, ill-humored one moment, sarcastic the next and in another second seductive. His voiceover was brilliant.  He speaks French well and does a fine job of speaking English with a French accent. He strikingly brought to life the scene where Toby, the 13 year-old, was taunted and abused by the French prisoners.

In the next few days I’ll be interviewing Mr. Farrell on Booktalk with Eileen. I do hope you’ll stop by.

th“One of my all-time favorite authors!” — Julia Quinn, NYT Bestselling Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Danelle Harmon has written many books, previously published in print and distributed in many languages throughout the world. Though born and raised in Massachusetts, she and her husband, a native of southwest London, were married and lived in England for several years. These days, Ms. Harmon and her husband make their home in New England with their daughter Emma and numerous animals including three dogs, an Egyptian Arabian horse, and numerous pet chickens.

Danelle welcomes email from her readers and can be reached at or on Facebook at

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  1. I love Danelle Harmon books and Wayne Farrell is one of the best narrators out there when it comes to Audio Books.


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