Audiobook Review: RED, the True Reign Series, Book 2

Discover a new author if you don’t already know about Jennifer Lee Davis. I absolutely love this series! Don’t miss out!

18681547Title: RED, The True Reign Series, Book 2
Author: Jennifer Anne Davis
Genre: Historical Romance, Medieval, Teen & Young Adult
Pages: 366
Published By: Clean Teen Publishing
Release Date: February 14, 2014
ISBN-10: 1940534712 I

Listening Length: 9 hours, 41 minutes
Published By: Clean Teen Publishing
Release Date: March 23, 2015

Publisher’s Summary: Sentenced to be executed. Betrayed. Alone. Hung on the gallows. Rema thought her life was over, but she was wrong. Saved by a rebel force she’d only ever heard rumors about, Rema finds herself in a forbidden place. She is finally safe-free from the king and Prince Lennek. But not everything is as it seems at the rebel fortress. Secrets are whispered, and loyalties are tested. Once Rema uncovers the truth of her heritage, will she flee? Or will she ascend to the throne, taking on the responsibility of an entire kingdom? Now that Darmik knows Rema’s true identity, he’s on a quest to save her. But when an Emperion assassin arrives on Greenwood Island, Darmik knows he doesn’t have very long to find her. In a deadly game with high stakes, will Darmik remain loyal to his family? Or will he break away and join the rebels? Kingdoms rise and fall. Heroes are born and made. But one thing remains the same-love conquers all.

My Thoughts: When last Ms. Davis left me hanging in book one, I could not believe it! Truly, is you were there, you’d hear me groan. But now after book 2, can I howl? Am I allowed to howl? Believe me I am! This author is killing me! Another cliff hanger in book two that know not if I’m able to deal with!

I have never,EVER looked at how many hours I have left to listen. Okay, three. I’m thinking, can this thing be resolved in three hours? Then two hours, I hesitate to even consider. But my dear reader, I KNOW that 30 minutes won’t make this thing any better. I KNOW I’m at another cliff hanger. I’m howling!!!!

What started in book one, continues in the second. More ratcheting of anxiety clutching my heart and soul. Why haven’t I heard of this author before? Take a peek at my book 1 review

Narrator Paul Woodson I’ve met before. He’s really good with what he does, fully bringing a story to life. He has narrated for Lily Baldwin and Amy Jerecki. I’m thrilled to see him tackling this series. Readers, I do hope you’ll listen to this marvelous writer. I don’t toy with you! I’m so excited to find another writer that turns me on! I pray the gods will look kindly upon me and grant me the opportunity to continue the series ASAP!

Jennifer Anne DavisAbout the Author: I graduated with Department Honors from the University of San Diego with a degree in English. While working to earn my teaching credential, I was a legal assistant for an attorney. That’s about the time I finally married my high school sweetheart. Once I received my credential from USD, I taught high school English until I had my first child.

Currently I am a stay-at-home mom. I have three kids, one large dog, and a gecko.

A couple of years ago, I entered a writing contest about motherhood and won.  My satirical essay, “Caution: Warning Label Not Included!” was published in the anthology Manual for Motherhood, reaching number one in the Parenting section of Amazon!  This sparked my need to write on a daily basis, and I have been writing ever since!

My debut young adult novel The Voice was published by Lands Atlantic in January 2013. The Voice is a finalist in the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Young Adult Category (dubbed the Sundance of the book publishing world), and the winner of the 2013 San Diego Book Awards: Best Young Adult Book.

My next adventure, The True Reign Series, is a young adult historical fantasy series consisting of three books (The Key, Red, and War), all now available.

The Power to See, my only adult novel was rereleased through Crimson Tree Publishing, and is now available.

I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing.  Being transported into another world and experiencing things beyond my imagination–what could be better? Besides being an outlet and a love, I hope to write books that encourage all to read.

SmirkthumbAbout the Narrator, Paul Woodson: Narrator Paul Woodson records, edits, and master audiobooks commissioned by authors and publishers through Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). He’s been an AEA and SAG actor for almost 20 years, with most of his work in Theater. He studied theater at Boston University’s BFA program with work in classical theater, dialect and vocal training. When he was a lad (love that word) his family lived in England where his father did graduate work at Cambridge. I asked Paul how he had such great accents in this reading. His answer was thus:

“Perhaps the immersion at a young age, plus my frequent portrayal of Englishmen and Scotsmen has kept my dialects sharp over the years.”

He has narrations of 40 books presently on Amazon. If you are a medieval romance historical romance reader, check out his narrations of books from Ceci Giltenan and Lily Baldwin and now Jennifer Lee Davis. If any of my author friends need a narrator who speaks French and German among other talents, seek him out.


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3 Responses to Audiobook Review: RED, the True Reign Series, Book 2

  1. Cliffhangers are so hard! Especially if it’s a long time between books!


  2. Book 3 is already published. That’s the good news. If I want to listen to the audio, I’m going to have to wait!


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