Pre-Release Review: TO TAME THE WIND by Regan Walker

“I have learned the heart cares nothing for such things. It can give itself away with no consideration for country, religion or wealth.” Quote from To Tame the Wind – words spoken by Claire, our heroine.

The prequel to the Agents of the Crown trilogy of historical romances.

25294035 (2)Title: To Tame the Wind,
Author: Regan Walker
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: France, England, 1782
Publish Date: May 9, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Pages: 263
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Book Description: “A sea adventure like no other, a riveting romance!” – SHIRLEE BUSBEE, NY Times Bestselling author

Paris 1782…AN INNOCENT IS TAKEN  All Claire Donet knew was the world inside the convent walls in Saint-Denis. She had no idea her beloved papa was a pirate. But when he seized Simon Powell’s schooner, the English privateer decided to take the thing his enemy held most dear…her.

A BATTLE IS JOINED  The waters between France and England roil with the clashes of Claire’s father and her captor as the last year of the American Revolution rages on the sea, spies lurk in Paris and Claire’s passion for the English captain rises.

My Thoughts: This interesting perspective of the American Revolution (War) as seen by the French and British, was one I happily gleaned from author Regan Walker. I hadn’t looked at this side of the historical event before.

Ms. Walker skillfully pens her story of love between Claire and Simon who are of opposing sides – heroine comes from France, country to aid the Americans against the British and a British privateer, anxious to rid the English Channel of Jean Donet, a pirate, turned privateer, who is none other than the heroine’s father.

Claire, just eighteen, is hidden away at the Ursuline Convent in France, knows little of the world and less of her father. No, she had no idea her father was a pirate and now privateer. She had held guilt of her own these last two years—knowing her youngest friend, Elise, had taken ill and died of pneumonia because she had followed Claire out in bad weather to peek through windows of a masquerade ball. In the rain they saw the ball gowns and men and women dancing. On that particular night she met her destiny—the golden one, she called him. She just hadn’t known it.

Simon also fights with his desire after kidnapping Claire. He hoped she provided enough leverage to return his crew and ship, Abundance, back from the notorious Donet. Simon is drawn to her beauty, mind, determination, strength, and temper, hardly able to keep his distance. Yet, he must keep Claire from harm’s way, his way, and return her to her father as he found her, else he may lose his crew and ship—he simply could not risk it.

Has Simon met his match with Claire? Little did Claire know she had such a temper with the ferociousness of the wind when she began destroying…well, I really mustn’t say. But with that destruction, Claire discovered much about herself. ….and Simon learned how to tame the wind.

This is a fast-paced, sweetly written love story, with some very funny moments AND everything Claire wanted from life—adventure, travel, excitement… and the golden one.

The time on ship smacked of rolling seas and salty wind with the crew handling Fairwinds with such finesses as only a man can who knows his woman. Care to join the crew and share in this adventure?  I loved my time aboard!


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