Ava Miles’s latest in the Dare River Series: FIREFLIES AND MAGNOLIAS — come to Nashville and enjoy its charm! ~A Book Review~

Looking for a sweet intense contemporary romance that will satisfy your need to cry buckets from pain and happiness?

Or how about feeling the love and support you find in a family when there is understanding and even when there isn’t?

Once I started my deluge of tears, it goes on for chapters. I adore Ava Mile’s world of magical moments and living the true meaning of family.

25062039Title: Fireflies and Magnolias, Dare River Series
Author: Ava Miles
Genre: Light Contemporary Romance
Story Setting: Nashville, TN
Pages: 390
Published By: Ava Miles
Published Date: February 19, 2015
ISBN-10: 1940565286
ISBN-13: 978-1940565286

The Dare River Series:
Country Heaven
Chocolate Garden
Fireflies and Magnolias
The Promise of Rainbows
– coming Fall 2015

Official Description of Story: Amelia Ann Hollins might have been raised to be a sweet magnolia, but she’s found her inner fire—the quest for justice. The secrets she carries and a tragedy from her past prompt her to volunteer at a legal clinic in the worst part of town. Here she can serve and protect the one she couldn’t save. Here she will risk everything.

Clayton Chandler’s happy life ended when his daddy died tragically when he was a boy. He lost his belief in magic and signs, but Amelia Ann is stirring the embers of passion and faith inside him again. He doesn’t plan on risking his heart. To make matters worse, he works for her rock star brother and knows better than to date the younger sister of his best friend.

When Amelia Ann volunteers to help with her brother’s charity concert, Clayton has nowhere to run. Soon he can no longer deny his fiery passion for Amelia Ann, and as the danger of her calling and her secrets threaten their newfound love, they’ll learn fireflies are magical and magnolias can burn hotter than steel.

My Thoughts: Imagine thinking you’ve been cornered and the only way to solve a grave situation is to betray your family – a betrayal out of love and then realize that with the deed done for love you lose your family entirely? This is Amelia Ann’s greatest fear and it very nearly destroys her. What a great pillar to build a story on!

Or how about not being able to forgive the one you love? What next? Do you walk away? How much love is enough to keep the relationship? These are some very weighty questions that are touched upon in this story.

I also love another theme within the story about domestic violence and how Ava Miles makes it Amelia Ann’s passion—helping abused women take back their lives. If there are readers out there who don’t understand the desperate plight of this type of violence or have such problems themselves, Ms. Miles illuminates the difficulty to leave your abuser, but how very rewarding to one’s self-esteem and life-time happiness.

I can say a lot of positive things about the author’s writing style. Some of her sentences are so poetic I had to highlight them (Kindle reader) to go back and reread. Here are just a few:

“She’s always thought it inevitable that she’d wear down his resistance someday, but now he seemed like an immovable rock, her arguments like raindrops that would take millions of years to change him.”

“Her neck needed kissing, he realized, so he slid his lips down the slope of that line, a trace of her exotic magnolia scent filling his nostrils.”

“His voice was like a salted caramel dipped in chocolate.”

“When she woke up on Saturday morning, she was a junkyard of nerves.”

“If Amelia Ann could have knitted a cloak out of her tears, it would have been a mile long.”

Her stories build slowly, folding in various characters, all with their sub stories, until you arrive at a culminating point where the rain must fall. And fall it does with so much pain, misunderstanding, moroseness and sadness. When the reader finds they are at the bottom of the slope, mud cascading down upon them, in total despair, threads of hope are pulled from the muck before her.

Ava Miles is quite adept at making me cry (actually bawling at a couple of points!) with her sweet, emotionally filled stories! Her stories are about family, the very back bone of our support system. They also deal with dysfunctional families struggling to be made whole. In this story personal career goals are thwarted, guilt for wrong doing and forgiveness of yourself and others are a large part of this heart-wringer. If you enjoy falling-in-love romance stories where hero has so much baggage of conflicted feelings and heroine inappropriately wages war for what she believes is right and very nearly has her lose herself, her family and her new love, then make sure to read Fireflies and Magnolias.

6b7da8d2a7e50a7e9d9ab0.L._V379633623_SX200_About the Author:  USA Today Bestselling Author Ava Miles burst onto the contemporary romance scene after receiving Nora Roberts’ blessing for her use of Ms. Roberts’ name in her debut novel, the #1 National Bestseller NORA ROBERTS LAND, which kicked off her small town series, Dare Valley, and brought praise from reviewers and readers alike. Ava’s books have reached the #1 spot at Barnes & Noble, ranked in Amazon’s Top 20, and been in the Top 10 at iBooks. A two-time Reward of Novel Excellence Nominee by InD’tale Magazine for NORA ROBERTS LAND and FRENCH ROAST, Ava has also released a connected series called Dare River, set outside the country music capital of Nashville. She’s fast becoming a favorite author in light contemporary romance (Tome Tender) and is known for funny, emotional stories about family and empowerment. Ava’s background is as diverse as her characters. She’s a former chef, worked as a long-time conflict expert rebuilding war zones, and now writes full-time from her own small town community.

If you’d like to get more of the author, who is a big believer in living happily ever after also writes about her own journey on The Happiness Corner blog every Friday on her website.

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