Audiobook Review: RAVING VIOLET — a compilation of essays–all very thought provoking; I’m ready to read more!

Pearls of wisdom with a punch and then some! What a listen! This hell-of-a-woman entertains with her autobiographic thoughts, full of comedic sass, vulgarity and make-sense reverence of who we are and how we can be better AND enjoy living.

Quotes from her essays:

 ” Don’t postpone joy.”
“Edit your life.”
“Be yourself. We are not our resumes.”
“Confusion is a terrific state of mind to be in.”
“Don’t buy fear, drink water of life, not death.”

375930_249560288500873_1232014039_n (2)Title: Raving Violet
Author: Valerie Gilbert
Genre: Autobiography, Non-fiction, Self-Help
Pages: 268
Published By: Black Opal Books
Published Date: January 17, 2013
ISBN-13: 978-1937329846



Narrated By: Valerie Gilbert
Listening Length: 7 hours, 33 minutes
Publisher: Valerie Gilbert
Release Date: January 12, 2015

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Valerie Gilbert Swami SoupValerie Gilbert memories

 A Brief Description: Dead mothers, missing husbands, disgusting dates, perverted “reverends,” seductive gurus, infamous ingrates, and cheese thieves. These are just a few of the cast of characters that pepper Valerie Gilbert’s true tales in Raving Violet. Enter the world of a solitary but intrepid New Yorker. Orphaned as a young adult, this divorced, smartass metaphysician has sought solace and insight from philosophers, séances, channels and mediums—a path that has, inevitably, led her back to her formidable fortress within. Join Valerie as she scales the castle walls on her journey for love, sex, sass, a chuckle, and really good chocolate. Love and Loss! Love and Glory! Love and Nausea! Raving Violet has it all.

My Thoughts: This book was so powerful, that I immediately turned around and started listening to it again. There are so many gems of wisdom that strike a resounding chord within me. I came away with many uplifting and potent thoughts and ideas that it necessitated a second listen.

The author says not to buy fear, but drink the water of life, not death. Just that thought alone makes us realize that so much of our lives are directed by fear.

This woman has grabbed the world, shaken it and never said no, continually searching for her path. I’m now following her blog, eager to hear what other gems of wisdom she spews. Her words and voice are unique. She’s full of sarcasm and symbolism which requires me some deep pondering.

In some of her essays she rants most vehemently, poking a finger where poking is well deserved. Her narrator, with its ever-present sincerity or sarcasm, kept me listening, highly entertained, following her train of thought most tenaciously. I actually snorted several times during the listen. The woman has guts with unbelievable experiences in her continual search of truth.

I have never listened to a book with the writer and narrator one and the same. I was surprised at the excellent quality of the narration, her capability in not only expressing her feelings in words, but narrating them in such an appealing manner.

Her essays touch upon many issues and many had me smirking with a nod of agreement or laughing out loud with her outlandish remarks. I’m most pleased that I won this book as a giveaway on a blog.

About the Author and Narrator: I’m a native New Yorker, passionate mystic, and introspective seeker of expansive and explosive fun. I believe the spirit world and physical world dovetail perfectly. They are designed to, and are flip sides of the same coin. We don’t leave the physical world behind in order to “ascend.” We raise our vibration physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to bring Heaven down to Earth and meld the two spheres. We, the Human Adventurers, are the secret ingredient to create this Alchemy. And whoever has the most fun wins. Happiness heals. Joy is sacred. That’s who I am, and that’s what I write about!

Valerie Gilbert’s blog:

About eileendandashi

I am a lover of books, both reading and writing. 2018 marks the beginning of my own journey from writer to published author. This blog will showcase various authors' thoughts on the elements of novel crafting, and my attempts to find my voice in writing. While journaling this journey, I hope to encourage others to follow their dreams. Book reviews continue as I have the last four years, only making time for my new pursuits.
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10 Responses to Audiobook Review: RAVING VIOLET — a compilation of essays–all very thought provoking; I’m ready to read more!

  1. seelkfireice says:

    What a great review! I loved this audio and the next two also, which I found even more thought provoking.


  2. I was amazed. First listen through I didn’t catch all the great thoughts. I went over to her blog about life and death and purchased one of her suggested books today. Those New Yorkers sure do have sharp tongues!

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  3. Hello, ladies! Author here! Thank you SO much Eileen for the amazing review, following on the heels of Eniko’s amazing review. I’m so gratified that my thoughts hit you both in the way that I intended, to move, both to tears and laughter, and to provoke new thought, and bold, empowering action in my readers and listeners. I’m teaching my first public workshop in NYC in two weeks, so this is a new phase of my career. I must say, that not everyone in New York has as sharp a tongue as I, and some are sharper! I had to curb my cursing yesterday while with a high school pal and her 17 year old daughter. They blushed when I talked, but they giggled too. That’s why I like provocative language, again, to provoke! To tickle, inspire, and wake people up. Have a beautiful day and week, and if anyone here wants a free download code for my 3 audio books, email me at! MWAH!

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  4. Thanks, Valerie, for stopping by. Your essays have given me MUCH to ponder and certainly you have me thinking. I’ve always been interested in metaphysics, but have convinced (almost) that there is nothing after death. I’m now reconsidering and hope to probe further into this mystical world you have let me peek into.


  5. Oh, let me clue you in! Death is SO much fun! Just read “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” (I’m guessing that’s the book you bought?) That one really opened my eyes in a lot of ways, and I thought my mind and eyes were already pretty wide open. I’ll give you a hint: The world here is a projection of our thoughts and feelings (“You don’t see the world the way it is. You see the world the way you are.” Talmud) The same is true for the after world. We all know people for whom nothing goes right, and we know other people for whom nothing goes wrong. That’s the law of attraction in action. Same applies after death. God/Our Soul/Spirit/The higher realms (which are pure love, adoration and peace) have NO judgment of us. However, we live in the world of judgment, duality, consequences. If you seriously believe nothing happens when you die, you will experience nothing! That’s how responsive the universe is to your command (yes, your command!). Eventually, after respecting your wishes, God, the Angels, Your Loved ones, your dead pets, your friends and family, your soul (it’s a very full world in the higher realms) will gently tap you on the shoulder and say “are you done sulking/hiding? ready to come and play yet?” The judgment in the after life is of us, by us, not by God. The thing is that in the face of pure, unconditional love (it melts the hardest of hearts) it’s very hard not to judge yourself when you review where in your life you were hard, and could have been softer. Where you rose to the occasion, and where you chose not to. But God/Our Soul (pure love) never judges. We’re always doing the best we can at all times, and god knows that (I keep her in lower caps at times for a reason, so we don’t put her on a pedestal!) I think you should read both books, Eileen, and get “Saved by the Light” too because Dannion Brinkley, an admitted S.O.B. for years, did get a bit of a tongue lashing when he “died” (left his body). God’s not a sissy. Your Soul/Higher Self is a parent of sorts. He felt the love, and he felt the shame. He also went through what he calls a “panoramic life review”. So yes, we all go through this life review (this is the Judgment Day some refer to) and before I forget, you HAVE to rent “Defending your Life” with Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks. It’s a comedy, but it’s also accurate in describing the after life state (theatrically, of course). The thing is, in addition to re-experiencing every thought and feeling you’ve ever had for every second of your life, you ALSO feel what everyone around you experienced as a result of your words and actions (the hurt, the pain, the joy, the relief). It was a real slap in the face for Dannion to relive his atrocities, and one he needed! He came back to this realm a changed man. So, the more you delve into this stuff, the more exciting it becomes. I’ll keep writing about it, because the two worlds are really not separate. It’s not “up there” or “down there”. It’s “right here”. It’s just invisible to the naked eye. Remember, people live in Heaven or Hell while they’re alive, depending on their mindset! For fun, watch some clips of Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. I adore her. But truly, our “departed” are hanging out with us. Not exclusively, as work and activity continues on the other side. But the bonds of love never die. Ciao for now! 🙂

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  6. What fun. In fact, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, is the book I purchased. I’ll check out your other suggestions as well. I’ll purchase Saved by the Light next.


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  8. This sounds absolutely wonderful, I like books like this that deal with the rubbish life throws at us with thought and a good dose of humour. I’m going to be checking this one out.


  9. Thank you, Cleopatra! I’m so glad this review inspired you to give a look/listen. You can check out my blog, too, RAVING VIOLET. 🙂 Valerie


  10. Cleo, thanks for dropping by. I’m just getting into Valerie Gilbert’s books. She an usual read but with a message I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

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