Audiobook Review: Shannon’s Daughter by Karen Welch

A most touching love story, poignant and riveting in the telling .

19390262Title: Shannon’s Daughter, Miracle of Valley Rise Series
Author: Karen Welch
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Historical Romance
Story Setting:  U.S., England, 1950-1960’s
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Pages: 354

Listening Length: 13 hours, 12 minutes
Publisher: Karen Welch
Release Date: December 17, 2014

About the Story: The last thing he expected to find in Ireland that summer was the inspiration to go on with his life, and certainly not in the form of an adolescent heiress.

New York socialite Peg Shannon has everything – wealth, position, beauty, and limitless prospects for happiness. Or so the world believes.

Aspiring London violinist Kendall Gregg is talented, handsome, and charming. While hardly well-to-do, he has connections and ambition which should take him far. Or so it appears.

Thrown together briefly by a twist of fate, Kendall quickly becomes young Peg’s hero, while Peg proves to be Kendall’s unlikely salvation. Through the decades, their deepening passion and shared secrets forge an enduring bond, destining them for a love affair that comes but once in a lifetime.

Set in the mid-20th century, Shannon’s Daughter chronicles the complex relationship between two people constrained by family responsibility and a tragic secret, while delving into the history of one of the most intriguing characters in the Miracle at Valley Rise series.

My Thoughts: This book was a bit out of the normal time period in history I read, but I found it fascinating and oh so well narrated.

The story begins in 1949 so it’s historical in nature. However, I was born at that time and frankly I hate to think of it as historical. I don’t feel that old!!

Women didn’t have the same desire for a career path with greater responsibility as they do currently, but Peg did. Peg was an unusual girl, when Kendall met her at fifteen. An heiress, she grew up with the knowledge she would someday take over her father’s work. She was so grown up and mature, even Kendall had a hard time remembering she was so young. Their friendship spanned over ten years with many years of separation between–Peg in the states and Kendall in England. Eventually, their friendship became more intimate. Kendall had his life in England, a talented violinist with great potential to become more. Peg pursued her father’s work keeping her busy—both separated by an ocean. Can their love for each other surmount all the obstacles in their paths and in their characters? Ah, that’s the rub…

I loved this story even without the happy-ever-after ending with everything tied up in a pretty little bow. It depicted life as it comes to all of us—happy times, tragic times, sad times, wounded times and healing times. We make decisions and must live with them. Life goes on and we find our happiness when least expected and when not looking.

Narrator Matthew Lloyd Davies truly helped make the book special to me. His voice was one easily listened to, expressive with inflections deepening the meaning of a mere sentence. He had the opportunity to use three different accents within the telling, holding me captive to its telling. His portrayal of Kendall’s voice with its perfect inflection in dialog had me envisioning the sort of person he was. He was so British!

Author Karen Welch characterized both Peg and Kendall easily letting me identify with both of them, and with the conflicts each struggled. My emotions ran high as it became evident the two wanted very different lives yet were equally ensnared in love and understanding for the other. A poignant, sensuous and compelling story, unique in its story line, I will long remember.


th (9)About the Author: Karen Welch was born in Richmond, Virginia and grew up in nearby Amelia County. After a twenty-year sojourn in North Florida, she and husband John now reside in Southeast Kansas with children and grandchildren nearby. While her career as an author began not long before her sixtieth birthday, Karen has rapidly made up for lost time by publishing the Miracle at Valley Rise Series–Hearts Unfold, Entreat Me Not, Heart of My Own Heart, and Offered For Love, as well as related titles, the holiday novella Christmas at Valley Rise and historical romance Shannon’s Daughter. In August, 2014 her new series Welcome to Walnut Lodge premiered with the release of Katie Lost and Found.

Karen can be contacted at Readers can also follow her at http://www.facebook/karen welch, “friend” her at AuthorKarenWelch and follow her on Pinterest at

Her blog, Lost in the Plains can be viewed at

th (10)About the Narrator, Matthew Lloyd Davies: Having begun his career on the stage-crew of the Chichester Festival Theatre and spent several years as a stage manager, Matthew went on to work in Children’s Theatre and T.I.E. where the first real building blocks of his technical ability were honed.  This was followed by a two-year acting course at Internationally renowned Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (See link button below).  The next twenty (plus!) years have been spent in as wide a range of Theatre, Television and Film work as is possible for one actor resulting in an actor with a huge background of experiences from Children’s School Tours Via Rep Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal National Theatre to West End Musicals, Television and Oscar Winning film not forgetting to mention his work as a voice artist.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review, Eileen! I’m so happy to know you were entertained by Peg and Kendall’s story as told by the incredibly talented Matt Davies. I’ll be sharing your review in hopes of reaching more listeners!


  2. Happy to hear it!


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