Review: MY LADY HIGHLANDER Kilted Athletes Through Time, Book 1

A dizzingly, frolicking, fun read where past abuts with the present and love surmounts impossible odds.

21851280Title: My Lady Highlander Kilted Athletes Through Time, Book 1
Author: Nancy Lee Badger
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: Wick, North Sea, Scotland 1603; New England (present day)
Pages: 297
Published By: Nancy Lee Badger, 2nd edition
Published Date: April 2, 2014
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. A

About the Story: Award-winning author, Nancy Lee Badger, revisits present day Highland games, and ancient Scotland, in this Scottish time travel romance which shares the story of Kilted Athletes Through Time.  Isobel MacHamish escaped a betrothal in ancient Scotland. She rebuilt her life in present-day New England, yet something-or someone-is missing. Arson, thievery, a stalker, and a handsome caber-tossing athlete turn her world upside down.  Bryce Buchanan saves a pretty woman-twice. Sent back to ancient Scotland-again-he is trapped between the skittish woman, and a man pressuring her into marriage. Battles, swords, a Scottish brownie, and a power-hungry laird make ‘Bull’ want to head home to New England.  To escape her former lover, and his murderous father, Izzy finds her inner warrior. And, when the handsome athlete shows her what falling in love can bring, she is torn, because keeping her hands to herself, is one battle she will never win.

My Thoughts: I found this story unique, funny and extremely entertaining with characters bouncing back and forth between ancient Scotland and present day New England. Among the unique cast are witches and brownies.

Izzy MacHamish, Isobel, in her own time of ancient Scotland, was a woman of strong will, much bigger than her petite frame. She took events in stride, like moving from a world she loved to a new one where she survived as best she could. She was still able to enjoy her Scotland through the New England Highland Games where she had a tent selling dried herbs and potions for the witch, Dorcas Swann who had gotten her to the future in the first place.

What she needed was a man who could treasure her for who she was. Her past had only lies and pretty words to control her and she didn’t want or deserve that. The future suited her – only she wished she had that special relationship.

Bryce Buchanan is familiar with ancient Scotland. He had been thrown back to 1603 with his friend Jake. Jake stayed and married a lass there, but Bryce could not tolerate the warrior-like attitude among the people. He was a professor who loved history and loved caber turning, but wanted nothing to do with swords and the do or die syndrome he had lived in Scotland. Now thrown back in time AGAIN, Bryce did not like it one bit. There is more to Bryce than even he knows which he discovers in time travel to the past.

Bryce and Izzy hit it off—both in present day and in the past when both are sent back to Scotland. I enjoyed how the slang of present day New England, used by Bryce, contrasted to the dialog of Izzy.

As in every good novel there is an evil antagonist, out to do harm. The antagonist wasn’t easy to ferret out, since author Nancy Lee Badger cleverly made it difficult to discover. However, what is apparent, is how much Izzy ‘liked’ Bryce and how Bryce tried to do the honorable thing where Izzy was concerned.

A most enjoyable Highland read, where time travel makes it possible to mesh the two worlds into one. I am looking forward to discovering her next story of the series, My Dark Highlander.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbout the Author: Nancy Lee Badger grew up in Huntington, New York, on the north shore of Long Island. With a love of art and skiing she found her niche at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. Surrounded by ski areas and a fantastic art program, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education.

The bonus of struggling through four years of classes? She also met her one and only true love…her husband, R-G. As a store clerk in the early years, when they owned nothing; to an assistant store manager for a True Value hardware store whose discount plan helped them restore their 1860’s farmhouse; to a 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Dispatcher where she helped people all over the state, she found time to raise a family, own a couple of lovely homes, volunteer as an EMT and firefighter, volunteer with the hospital auxiliary (and become its president), paint milkcans and landscapes, and so much more. Throughout these years, she learned to watch people and to figure out what made them tick. She and her husband decided to move south to be near family. North Carolina has become their new home base.


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2 Responses to Review: MY LADY HIGHLANDER Kilted Athletes Through Time, Book 1

  1. Just bought it! Looks like a good read


  2. In a couple of weeks, I’m on to book two. Hope you enjoy!


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