Danelle Harmon’s MASTER OF MY DREAMS is a must-read for romance readers who love adventure on the high seas

Danelle Harmon never, EVER, disappoints me with her historical romance novels. Whether I read or listen to them, they are of the highest quality, keeping me rethinking scenes days after the read and smiling!

17697070Title: Master of My Dreams A Hero of the Seas Series, Book 1
Author: Danelle Harmon
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: Prologue – Ireland, 1762; England, 1775
Published By: Danelle Harmon
Published Date: January 1, 2013
Pages: 391
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

About the Story: England, 1775: When nobly-born Captain Christian Lord is given command of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Bold Marauder, the disciplined and highly-esteemed English officer never dreams that a crew on the brink of mutiny will be the least of his troubles as he heads to Boston to subdue pirates and rebels. Haunted by nightmares and a tragic past, Christian is loyal to King and Country . . . never imagining that his gravest danger could come in the form of a beautiful stowaway who secretly plots his destruction. For also onboard is sensuous Irishwoman Deirdre O’ Devir . . . determined to avenge her brother’s forced enlistment into the Royal Navy, and now, as near as a whisper to the blackguard responsible. But the best laid plans go awry, and when Deirdre realizes that behind Christian’s haughty, aloof façade beats a tender heart, she finds herself falling in love with her handsome enemy in this tender, emotional, and unforgettable tale of love and passion by the bestselling author of the critically acclaimed de Montforte Brothers series.

My Thoughts: I’ve always disliked conscription into the Army by draft. I was a young woman when in 1973, after the Viet Nam war the U.S. abolished The Draft. It is a debate which continues today. Does it infringe upon individual liberty or does it demand duty to your society?

In Danelle Harmon’s exceedingly engaging story, an Irish boy was press-ganged by England, necessitated by its war with France. I was immediately outraged! Clever woman, our Ms. Harmon. We all share our claim to the right to freedom.

Captain Christian Lord of the Royal Navy was an honest and decent man. His compassion for the weaker and those less fortunate is demonstrated time and again throughout the story. He had a fierce loyalty to the Royal Navy, and took no nonsense from his men. He was commanded by his brother Admiral Elliot to captain a particular ship whose reputation had spread throughout the Navy. It was up to Captain Lord to whip these misfits into a crew to be respected.

As with another book of the series I listened to, Captain of My Heart, it was terribly funny. The author has an amazing sense of humor making me chuckle my way through the read. She also knows how to wring tears from eyes since some scenes are so deeply emotional it’s hard to hold back tears.

Deirdre O’Devir was more or less a member of the crew on the HMS Bold Marauder, Captain Lord’s ship. She could also be called a stowaway or  passenger depending on whom you ask.  She had to get to Boston to seek aid from her cousin, Captain Brendan Jay Merrick, also a captain of the Royal Navy. Her brother had been press-ganged some 13 years before. She promised her mother, on her dying bed, she would find her brother and bring him home to Ireland. Deirdre was also out for blood. She  wanted to kill the Lieutenant who took her brother away from his family 13 long years before. If you haven’t guessed, Kismet is thrown onto their paths, the Lieutenant is none other than Captain Christian Lord.

Deirdre’s character and feisty temper fence off with the compassionate and honor driven Captain Christian Lord making this story thoroughly entertaining. Captain Christian Lord faces some difficult decisions about doing the right thing and then trying to figure out what the right thing is. It’s fast-paced, suspenseful, and humorous with poignant love scenes which will enrapture your heart as Danelle Harmon has mine.

This is one author I can unequivocally recommend to someone who loves great love stories interwoven in historical based events.

About Danelle Harmon: th

“One of my all-time favorite authors!” — Julia Quinn, NYT Bestselling Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Danelle Harmon has written many books, previously published in print and distributed in many languages throughout the world. Though born and raised in Massachusetts, she and her husband, a native of southwest London, were married and lived in England for several years. These days, Ms. Harmon and her husband make their home in New England with their daughter Emma and numerous animals including three dogs, an Egyptian Arabian horse, and numerous pet chickens. Danelle welcomes email from her readers and can be reached at danelle@danelleharmon.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DanelleHarmon

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