Guest Author Leticia, sharing why she wrote her story — a story of a woman with a strong will to survive and finally finds happiness

Lettys storyTitle: Letty’s Story
Author: Leticia
Genre: Memoir
Published By: Tate Publishing
Published Date: October 28, 2014
Pages: 296
ISBN-10: 1633067564
ISBN-13: 978-1633067561


Letty’s Story ~ a true and factual story of grief and love

This is Leticia—bloodied by war, unwanted by her mother and father, a poor child of circumstance. At the age of five, she was traded in the black market with the Japanese army to survive. Letty’s story explodes as suddenly as the bombs that hit Pearl Harbor. Later abused by her own husband and forced to run for her life with only 5$ in her pocket, she stepped on US soil and was able to achieve what every woman dreams of!

Letty’s Story tells of a deep love and faith that rises above all else; it is packed with drama, but most remarkably, it is true and factual. You will cry for Leticia and feel the exhilaration as this little girl becomes a woman, making you feel her every emotion and dearly hold them inside. Letty’s Story will show you that you can overcome anything if you want it strongly enough. Leticia’s life changed for the better forever, yours can too!

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Booktalk with Eileen cordially welcomes Leticia. Leticia became an author because she felt compelled to tell her story. A real and factual one that hardly seems real to us who haven’t had to live through such horror. She hasn’t written anything else and it wasn’t her intent to write, but she felt if she told her story it may strike a chord with others who are struggling through what life my put in their path.

Thank you, Leticia for dropping by today.  I noticed right away when looking at the cover of your book you didn’t use your last name.  I suppose I understand well enough why.  Can any of our readers pronounce Lakusiewicz, let alone spell it, if need be? So we’ll just continue calling you Leticia. (smiling)  Tell us a bit about your journey and why you wrote this book.

I am most happy to be here. LETTY’S STORY is truly a window through a time of my lifeletty. Because of the multiplicity of events that have become my life, it is impossible to neatly put what happened to me into one genre.

LETTY’S STORY is a true and factual memoir of war as seen and lived through the eyes of a child. It was ugly. It was also impossible to fathom the depth of despair that a child experiences when she has no hope.

The first part of my book is then of war and all the things that young happy American children thankfully have never had to endure.

When I grew into a young woman, I wanted only to be a good nurse and alleviate some of the pain and misery that I had seen so much of.

As I grew older, writing was never on my mind. I had suffered a disastrous, abusive first marriage almost ending in my death, so just being able to survive day by day was a grateful achievement.The whole first half of my life entering into adulthood was very complex.

I was distrustful of everyone, especially men, always expecting the next blow to hit my face and body, but never knowing where it would come from. At that point in time, I thought that I would never trust again.

I wanted no relationship of any kind. I was afraid of everyone.

Then, flesh and blood could stand no more,—so, I took the coward’s way out and ran away.

That’s how I left the Philippines, leaving everything and everyone behind, having nothing.

The whole first half of my life was over.

lettys story pic 2Some people are the luckiest in the world. Lucky in that they truly get a second chance in life.

That was and still is me. God not only gave me a second chance, but also gave me my heart’s desire.

The second part of my life is exactly like a second genre, —that of romance. The hell was behind me; the heaven in front, although I didn’t know it yet. I didn’t even know or like my true soulmate when I first met him, but when I eventually fell deeply in love for real, the love came slowly, softly, and has never stopped growing. When being apart, I can’t wait for him to come home, and I never feel complete until we’re together.

As the years have passed, I decided to write this true story of my life; to reveal what happened to me and to possibly give hope and inspiration to other women who at times feel in total trapped despair. It is important for them to know that there IS something better for them and to never give up because there is so much to live for.

When I finally committed myself to write LETTY’S STORY, it was only my husband who encouraged me, as many other people did not want to reveal my past. He merely asked, “Is all this true?” When I replied yes, he just said, “Do it.”

I have never had a better critic than my husband, Ronald, and never will.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’m delighted to be able to share Leticia with all of you. She enjoys meeting people and talking about her experiences and hopes these very same experiences will give others strength to face their own difficulties.  If you would like to leave her a comment or question, she’ll very happily reply.


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