A Great Read When Snowed-In For the Holidays: Review of Christine Feehan’s e-Novella, ROCKY MOUNTAIN MIRACLE

No Christmas will ever be the same after Cole and Maia meet on a snowy western ranch… Find out why in #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan’s romantic holiday e-novella!



Title: Rocky Mountain Miracle, e-novella
Author: Christine Feehan
Genre: Holiday romance, contemporary fiction
Story Setting: Wyoming ranch
Pages: 192
Published by: Pocket Star
Published Date: November 17, 2014
Sold By: Simon and Schuster digital Sales Inc.

About the Story: When Cole Steele, a womanizer rumored to have killed his father, meets Maia Armstrong, a veterinarian rumored to practice magic, the sizzling romance could melt all the snow on his Wyoming ranch. And when an injured horse brings them together, Cole can’t help but believe that Maia casts spells on animals—and men. What else could explain the burning passion he feels for her and the thawing of his heart just in time for Christmas?


My Thoughts: I’m a great fan of Christine Feehan’s. I’ve read her Dark Series (all 26 books) countless times. When I had the opportunity to read and review this year’s holiday novella, I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t sure that I’d like her writing, since how could she write a holiday story with the suspense and edge which drew me to her other writing? She wrote it with all the elements that make her Dark Series so enticing. It had a dark edge with suspense—a bit of a thriller, yet was perfect in its balance of fun, family, love, passion and tenderness.

Cole Steele was one scary guy, quite a dark character who never opened to people. He trusted no one which kept him alive. When he was made guardian to his younger brother (he didn’t even know he had one), life started changing. He had a reason to live. He wanted to keep his brother from turning out like him. Both Cole and Jason were abused as young children and hated their abusive father, recently deceased.

Meeting Maia Armstrong has a huge impact on his life and his brother’s. Christmas had never been a good time in their lives, but Maia, who has an amazing supernatural gift, was obliged to spend the days leading up to Christmas taking care of one of their horses who had been severely injured. Cole was drawn to her and she to him in more than just a light holiday romance. Each had issues with trust; each had secrets to keep.

This story requires a box of Kleenex handy. Even though it was a novella, it wasn’t hurried, nor did I feel I hadn’t read a complete, satisfying happy ever after story. It was a pleasure to read. You don’t need the holiday to enjoy this read—highly recommended as is Christine Feehan’s Dark Series.

christine feehanAbout The Author: Christine Feehan has written over 40 novels since she published her first book in 1999. Her first book is Dark Prince, book 1 of her Dark Series. It won three Paranormal Excellence Awards for Romantic Literature that year. Since then she has won seven more of the same award and has been on some of the best known bestsellers lists: Publishers Weekly, USA Today and The New York Times. Feehan has numerous other awards but name only two more here. She was the winner of the 2004 RIO Award of Excellence and was nominated for a RITAaward by the Romance Writers of America. For further information and listing of her very successful series, drop by her Web site http://www.christinefeehan.com/catalog/index.php


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