Author Debbie Herbert Sees Ocean Depths as an Unexplored Galaxy of Wild, Primitive Mystery and Beauty

IMG_4886Debbie Herbert, thanks for coming over to my site today. I’d like to give our readers some idea of who you are, what you’re writing and why. I was delighted with your fantasy, meeting the shape-shifting mermaids and I look forward to the second of the series which I hope to read and review in the next couple of weeks.


How can you describe your series? 17900113

Herbert-authorphoto-228x300(pp_w149_h196)I write the Dark Seas series for Harlequin which involves a secret shape-shifting mermaid clan living deep in an Alabama bayou. The first book in the trilogy, SIREN’S SECRET, is the story of Shelly. Swimming alone at sea one night she stumbles upon a killer dumping a body at sea. A cat and mouse game ensues as each tries to discover the identity the other. Along the way, Shelly falls for the handsome Sheriff who is trying to track down the killer terrorizing the bayou. Can Shelly trust him with her deepest secret?


23295046The second book in the series, SIREN’S TREASURE, is the story of Shelly’s cousin Jet. It’s The Hunt for Red October meets Mermaids when Jet’s old boyfriend comes back to the bayou. The modern-day pirate is intent on forcing Jet to go along with his schemes, but a mysterious FBI Agent is trying to steal her heart. Book two is available at: and print copies can be purchased at:


The last book in the trilogy, SIREN’S CALL will be released in June 2015. Lily is the true siren in the family who enchants men with her voice – until she meets the one man immune to her charms. Native American Indian lore melds with Mermaid Mythology in this book.

What research went into creating your mermaids and their undersea world?mermaids-mermaids-their-the-best-3928773-1024-768 It seemed so real to me.

Naturally, I researched the flora and fauna of coastal Alabama. I also studied the different mermaid and sea goddess tales prevalent in ancient and modern cultures. I’ve always been fascinated by mermaids and have read many mermaid-themed books over the years.

What has been the most interesting part for you of writing a series rather than a standalone?  At what point in the writing process did you know you’d be revisiting these characters?

I always envisioned these books as a series. The trio of two sisters and one cousin live together in a secluded home and yet each is so unique in her own way. Shelly is half-mer and has special challenges on being accepted either on land or at sea. Jet is the archetypal warrior woman who is fearless and loyal to family while Lily is an enchantress who’s developed a bad reputation around the bayou. The most interesting part of writing the series was watching the complex relationships between the mermaids unfold with each book.

What about sirens and underwater habitats inspired you as an author? That’sflat,550x550,075,f an unusual subject for a first novel. 

I see sirens as the ultimate symbols of feminine beauty and power. And I love imagining the ocean depths as an unexplored galaxy of wild, primitive mystery and beauty.

Is there any particular character in your novel that you connect with personally?  

That is so hard! Almost like asking a mother to pick a favorite child. J I loved each of them in their own way, but Shelly more closely matches my temperament and personality. She’s vulnerable and has difficulty finding her true place in life and discovering where her destiny lies.

If you could be a mermaid for a day, what would you do?

Treasure hunt. I’d find some old shipwrecked vessel and plunder to my heart’s content. Then I would swim with the dolphins and enjoy the freedom of the wide seas.

What is your favorite type of underwater creature?

If we’re talking fantasy, then mermaids. If we’re talking reality, then dolphins.

Have you ever swam with the dolphins? I understand that is quite an experience.753263_96592484

No – but I’d LOVE to! How cool would that be? 🙂

What is your favorite underwater novel or movie? (Aside from your own, of course!)

One of my all-time favorite books is Alice at Heart by Deborah Smith. It’s lush and magical. In the novel, an outcast woman from the mountains of North Georgia discovers her true identity as a mermaid and searches for her lost family in Savannah. I highly encourage everyone to read it!

And now I’ve a question for our readers. Have you read many mermaid books or perhaps seen movies with mermaids  you particularly enjoyed? And if so, what drew you to the story? I loved to hear your comments.



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  1. Thanks for reviewing my book, Eileen! So glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Nancee Cain says:

    Great interview!


  3. yvettecarol says:

    Nice job, guys. Very interesting interview. I used to play ‘being a mermaid’ as a little girl, sitting in rock pools and doing the ‘mermaid-style’ of swimming!!


  4. Yes, Eileen, is great, always doing an amazing job.


  5. Thanks for coming by Nancee!

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  6. Thanks Yvette! All little girls must love mermaids. I think we were attracted to their mystery and power. That’s my theory anyway.:) i appreciate you stopping by!

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  7. Eileen is my treasure! Many thanks again Eileen for everything.

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  8. I’m eager to start the other. It should be before Christmas.


  9. My imagination still takes me places. When I read an author who is able to make me see what she’s envisioned, I delight in the read. For I have lived another life.


  10. Words to make me blush!


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