Review: DRAGON KNIGHT’S SWORD by Mary Morgan ~ a totally delightful read in every way!

5bbb5c_57b54cb09e56439d96e9748dc93370f4.jpg_srz_250_375_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Title: Dragon Knight’s Sword, Order of the Dragon Knights Series, Book One

Author: Mary Morgan

Genre: Medieval Historical Romance

Story Setting: Scotland 1204; Seattle, Washington, 2013

Published by: The Wild Rose Press, Inc., Faery Rose  (June 2, 2014)

Pages: 382


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About the Story: Duncan Mackay will do anything to lift the curse from his family — even forfeit his own life. But his plans change when he encounters the woman from his dreams, literally. She is from the future, somehow has his lost sword, and can talk to the Dragon that is able to lift his family’s curse. Brigid O’Neill has spent her life listening to the mythological legends from Ireland and Scotland. So, when an ancient sword lands at her doorstep and she starts dreaming of a rugged Highlander, she drops everything and takes on a quest that will alter everything she believes. Before their journey ends, not only will Duncan and Brigid battle an ancient curse, they must also find the courage to believe in the destiny that brought them together.

My Thoughts: Frankly, this book was so much fun on several fronts. I love medieval history and when combined with time travel, magical happenings, along with the fae and a sweet romantic story simply was a heady mix!

The Dragon Knights, an ancient order, also called the Keepers, are special beings, part human and part fae, descended from Tuatha de Danann. There are four brothers of the Clan Mackay, Angus, Duncan, Stephen and Alastair, each with magical powers, who were responsible to protect the only remaining dragon on earth, living in the lagoon near Urquhart Castle, and four holy relics. (book one is Duncan MacKay’s story)

The world they knew changed the moment their sister met her death by Duncan’s sword on the holy grounds of the Standing Stones. The Guardian punishes them by removing their names from the halls of the Order. This is far worse than death to these men. They had destroyed their family’s name and honor along with their own. To a Knight this is far worse than death. She seals their fate by raising her staff chanting curse words:

“Across the sea their destiny awaits. A love will meet through time and space. “To right a wrong within this place. Beneath the gate to test your fate.”

Their five relics were taken from the Order–the sword, stone, axe, shield, and book, each bonded with a knight. Each knight still had his mystical powers. Duncan could not control his anger and for one year he grieved his sister’s death and lived with such hate. His power affected the weather. His foul mood brought rain, thunder, and heavy winds. He thought perhaps the curse could be reversed. What if he were to give his life to return all back to the clan?

Brigid Moira O’Neill was a wonderful character to learn about. She believed in the legends of the past and loved the history of Scotland. When a long box appeared at her antique shop, addressed to her, coming from Scotland she couldn’t wait to open it. The box held an old beautiful sword along with a yellowed paper with the words:

“Across the sea your destiny awaits…To right a wrong within this place…Beneath the gate to test their fate…Return this sword to its rightful place. –Clan Mor Mac Aoidh/Mackay

Brigid had been dreaming about a Highlander making passionate love to her ever since she received the sword. She hears a voice telling her to bring him the sword. By this time, I’m all excited in the direction this story is taking. Brigid decides rather quickly to go to Scotland to find its rightful owner and give it back after she discusses the situation with her old professor from the university. (He just may be something more than he appears) All is arranged, her professor even finds her a guide who picks her up from the airport.

I loved Brigid’s spirit, humor and bravery even when she finds herself hurled back into time after a much hurried message from her guide, Conn. I felt her displacement into the ancient world with her mutterings and outrageous language in our present-day slang, making me chuckle, and making Duncan think she was daft!

Duncan MacKay finds his way through his pain and anger and learns valuable lessons from Brigid. They have an attraction each try to deny, but magic plays its part and love for all time spans 800 years. Sigh.

There were many secondary interesting characters which will probably continue throughout the series. At least, I hope so. The children, Nell and Finn, were absolutely precious and brave. Nell has a special talent for animals and I adored the grey wolf who knew how to pay his debt. Sorcha, the falcon was delightful and loyal. I know that two druids, Cathal and Lachlan, will certainly be there. Both played very interesting roles within this story. Then there was Conn, the handsome time travelling Fenian Warrior. He always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. I hope we see him again. Secretly, I hope Lisa, Brigid’s friend, will find her way back to join Brigid. But can she believe enough in magic?

All in all, this was one truly remarkable read. I loved EVERYTHING about it. Mary Morgan transported me into a magical world where honor and love surpass all. She made it so real, I didn’t want to come back!


About the Author:  5bbb5c_7d4699be9425491d990b9ffcb699ad47.jpg_srz_346_488_75_22_0.50_1.20_0I am a constant daydreamer and have been told quite often to remove my head from the clouds. Yet, this is where I find the magic to write my stories. Not only do I love to weave a good tale, but I have a voracious appetite for reading. I worked for Borders Books for almost fourteen years. Imagine my delight to be surrounded by so many books, talking to others about them, and getting paid.

 Pure bliss!

 I have traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland, and France. There are those who know me well when I say, “My heart is in the Highlands.” I believe I have left it there or maybe in Ireland.

When not writing, I enjoy playing in my garden–another place where magic grows. Of course, there is time spent with my family. They are the ones that keep me grounded.

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  1. Eileen..thank you for sharing your blog..well..the way, that you describe this story, I can feel it ‘s totally romantic, mysterious and attractive, I will include it, in my next book to read.


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