Historical Romance Author Diana Cosby tells us about her passion for photography. I love her work!

Picture This – My love of Photography

I love writing Scottish medieval romantic suspense — it’s one of my great passions.10733980_10203115881083269_2505053631623996219_n But, I admit to having more. Those who know me will be familiar with my charity work. In addition, I love installing ceramic tile. It’s so fun, easy, and makes a HUGE difference immediately. I love working with clay, and growing up, I’d dig clay out of the lake and make numerous things to dry in the sun. I also love drawing and painting. In addition I’ve quilted and done needlepoint. After I retired from the Navy, one of my choices of what to do next was to paint recreations of masters. Except, once I started writing, I knew I’d found home.

11 - 2 - 2014  C flowerEven later in life, I discovered another amazing passion, photography. I received a digital camera for Christmas in 2012. I started taking photos in the Spring of 2013, and I fell in love. Wow! Amazing! And with each shot I take, I learn how the light, the background, the angle and more affect each photo. When I walk through the woods, it’s fun to see what I can find to take a picture of.

Best, I love sharing my photos on my Facebook and Facebook Author’s page. I post a 1459284_10203053198276238_3195020421898939997_npicture of a bird beneath “Fun caption of the day!” Then, my readers write what the bird is saying. I enjoy the comments and often laugh at the clever posts! In addition, when in season, I’ll post a shot of a flower. On occasion I share a photo of “Something different!”

10608802_10203120858367698_4817408062798746231_oA new feature I started this year was to dedicate a week of photos on my Facebook pages to one subject. So far I’ve had a week of bees, bugs (No snakes or spiders.), and leaves. I know many people cringe at the thought of bugs, but wow, I was amazed when I began zooming my lens into the bug world. I admit, there are some really creepy bugs, many I wish that I hadn’t seen close up, but there are some gorgeous ones as well. The skipper (Between a moth and butterfly.) is my absolute favorite. They’re gorgeous, friendly, and curious.

Another reason I love photography is that it’s a chance to share with others how I see the 10641139_10203116366295399_730501934191711071_nworld. Throughout my life I’ve never just ‘looked’ at a tree, a beach, a mountain and so on. When I look at nature, I see the colors that compose the whole vision. Photography inspires me to find unexpected beauty in our everyday world. And when I get that special shot, it’s magical.

My sincere thanks for stopping by. I sincerely hope you enjoy my photos. I wish each of you a wonderful holiday season!


Diana Cosby, International Best-Selling Author
The Oath trilogy (Book #1: An Oath Taken — 8 December 2014!/
Book #2 An Oath Broken — 23 June 2015)
MacGruder Brother series (e-Box set — 24 February 2015!)


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8 Responses to Historical Romance Author Diana Cosby tells us about her passion for photography. I love her work!

  1. seelkfireice says:

    Wow! Quite a varied hobby list. You are very creative Diana! I love the photos you post and you are right, nature is amazing, even the ugly critters. Thank you for not posting spiders, they are one thing that give me the willies, I used to drive my Dad nuts because he could not understand why.
    Thank you for sharing your view of nature.


  2. In a couple of days, I’ll be posting some incredible bird shots and a bit about each bird I found interesting. Thanks for dropping in to share Diana’s many talents.


  3. carolcork says:

    What beautiful photographs, Diana. I have developed an interest in photography over the years, but but none of my photographs can compare to yours. I tend to take landscapes, mainly because I love walking and Wales offers such wonderful scenery.


  4. Diana Cosby says:

    Hi seelkfireice, nice to see you again. Thank you for your kind comments about my photography. If ever you see a spider in my posts, it ‘should’ be by accident. I take shots of flowers at times, and it’s only after I look at the picture on my computer that I see a small spider on the plant. I was surprised to see how amazing the bug world is. Some gorgeous species! And, I discovered Skippers, which are gorgeous and look like little fairies! 🙂 Take care, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!



  5. Diana Cosby says:

    Hi Carol,
    I appreciate your stopping by and posting. You are so brave to do landscapes. They are so tough! I owe the quality of my shots to my camera. It’s awesome! I bet walking in Wales is incredible. One day I want to make an extensive visit through Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Enjoy your day, and I hope you have a fabulous holiday season!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Diana Cosby says:

    My sincere thanks for having me as a guest on BOOKTALK WITH EILEEN and sharing my photographs with your readers. I love taking pictures, and if others enjoy them as well, I’m humbled. *Hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I hope our readers will enjoy the photos of the birds you take. I’ve picked my favorites and will be sharing a bit about each bird in another post in a couple of days. Your birds, your bugs and your flowers simply engage my soul, Diana!


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