Review: His Captive, book 1 MacGruders Series, by Diana Cosby

I reblog my review of Diana Cosby’s His Captive, book 1 in case you missed it earlier this year.

Title: His Captive, book 1 in The MacGruders seriesHis Captive
Author: Diana Cosby
Genre: Historical Medieval Romance
Published By: Zebra Books (November 1, 2007)
Story Setting: Northern England, Northumberland, 1296-
Pages: 317

About the Story: Lady Nichola Westcott, the younger sibling of Griffin, Baron of Monceaux, saw much troubling her brother. He obviously had taken up with the wrong people–drinking, whoring and gambling away their funds until she feared they would be penniless. When she confronted him one evening, he left suddenly down the secret passage that hadn’t been used for years. What was she to do? She was already selling off priceless heirlooms of the family just to keep afloat.

“Over the years, since her parents’ horrible death, trying to save her brother from his self-destructive ways had shattered her beliefs of love and happiness she’d once held as a child. The betrayal of her fiancé severed any remaining belief.”

From bad to worse, she found herself kidnapped for ransom by a Scot who needed funds to help stage a war against England and King Edward. Would it be better to tell her captor that her brother had no money and could never pay a ransom or better to find a way to escape? Would they kill her outright if they knew?

Sir Alexander MacGruder, one of three brothers, was sent to England to kidnap Griffin but when he wasn’t at his castle as he was told, he kidnapped his sister. Alexander was honorable and would not harm Lady Nichola. He wasn’t even sure it was a good idea to capture the sister. But once he did, rather than feel animosity to her as she was English and his captive, why did he feel protective?

Lady Nichola knew she couldn’t trust men. Her ex-fiancé was one such man. She’d never let a man control her—EVER! She had to get away from Alexander; easier said than done. However, there would be a moment he’d let his guard down and then she’d run. But struggle she did with her feelings. How had he gotten so quickly under her skin?

“A tight ache built in her chest as she remembered leaning against his muscled frame, seeking support. And if she was honest, wanting more. To taste his kiss, to feel his hands gentle upon her skin. How with a mere touch, he could make her forget her fears and think only of her needs. She shivered. Thank Mary he’d spoke of her brother.”

My Thoughts: Diana Cosby writes with passion and seeming ease as the story moves effortlessly forward.  The reader is drawn into a world where cruelty reigns.  Can honor survive and prevail?  Does hatred allow love to choose?  Can trust be borne in mistrust?  Ms. Cosby leads us to the answers.

Her poetic, descriptive words tantalize the senses.

“A sudden gust of wind, cool and thick with the scent of rain, blustered past. The field of grass, which was scattered with heather, bowed beneath its force.”

Even though Lady Nichola seems to be fragile, she has a strong inner shell, a sharp tongue when necessary, but finally a heart caught in a web of love. We see clearly we do not choose love, rather love chooses us.

I can well understand the popularity her series has and shall enjoy reading its continuation.

Diana Cosby picAbout the Author: Diana Cosby, a retired Navy Chief Meteorologist/Oceanographer, is riding the wave of another passion—creating romance novels that draw from her time of traveling, having moved 34 times. She also loves the medieval period and with her first series, the MacGruders she carries us to medieval times—a time of violence, love, honor and people fighting for freedom.

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4 Responses to Review: His Captive, book 1 MacGruders Series, by Diana Cosby

  1. Diana Cosby says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful review of His Captive. Alexander was the very first hero to wake me up and demand that I write his story, and I had a blast writing his and Nichola’s journey. The historical event you read in the story is true. I was stunned when I discovered it during research. Thank you so much again for your kind words,have a fabulous day! *Hugs*

    Diana Cosby


  2. Hope you’re having a great day. I am! Once I finished His Woman, it helped me remember the previous book and truly how much I liked it.


  3. Diana Cosby says:

    🙂 *Hugs* I’m so glad you enjoy His Captive and His Woman. I love the characters! Happy Birthday, and I hope your day is so special!!!


  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I live life with bunches of special days. As my dad said, every day is a special day. They are what you make them.


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