Author Ava Miles writes sweet and unforgettably edgy contemporary romance

Readers, I must add my voice to those below. Ava Miles knows how to write a story that captivates the best and worst of people in simple real-life circumstances.

“Debut author Ava Miles combines small-town romance with big-world issues in a full-bodied romance fiction in the first of the Dare Valley series… and paints a wonderful idyllic setting for this small-town series with great characters.” -USA Today, Happily Ever After

“A nice, solid romantic read with a hint of danger! (Okay, more than a hint, lots of danger!) Her characters are completely believable, some are larger than life, some are sweetly cliched, some are totally lovable… Ms. Miles has created a love story where REAL love can triumph over all!”  -Tome Tender

“Ms. Miles does a great job in creating a story that shows how much the heroine loves Nora Roberts books and how determined she is in finding her own small town hero of her own ala Nora Roberts. The writing is tight, story flows smoothly and the few twists and turns left me on the edge of my seat, waiting for baited breath for what happens next.” -Love Romances & MORE 

Nora Roberts Land

Title: Nora Roberts Land

Author: Ava Miles

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Pages: 378




Each book in the Small Town Dare Valley series can be read as a stand-alone: Book 1: Nora Roberts Land (Meredith & Tanner)
Book 2: French Toast (Jill & Brian)
Book 3: The Grand Opening (Peggy & Mac)
Book 4: The Holiday Serenade (Abbie & Rhett)
Book 5: The Town Square (Arthur & Harriet)
Book 6: The Park of Sunset Dreams (Jane & Matt)
Book 7: The Perfect Ingredients (Elizabeth & Terrance) ~ coming Fall 2014

About the Story: Meredith Hale is running, from herself and from her ex. She hasn’t been able to move beyond the divorce, although she was strong enough to accomplish getting it. She needs a change of scene so decides to couple her need with lending a hand to family living in Dare Valley. Her dad and grandpa own a newspaper in there and her dad has recently suffered a heart attack. Meredith has been in New York for several years and has proved to herself and her family that she’s has the family talent when it comes to journalism.

Now her ex is threatening her, although in this story, she is the last to know. She promised her New York boss an unusual and unique article on looking for and finding, or not, the perfect man such as the ones found in Nora Roberts’s novels. And Meredith, buried deep within her heart, wanted to find her small-town Nora Roberts hero. What better way than in Dare Valley, helping her dad and grandpa and herself? Her secret weapon is her La Perla bustier lingerie, purchased with money she got from the divorce, AND her alter ego who constantly gives her advice, who she names Divorcée Woman. Could happy endings be possible? Well, she was willing to find out.

Tanner McBride has also found his way to Dare Valley, but not for altruistic reasons. He’d recently returned from Afghanistan as a war correspondent, contacting a major newspaper which just happens to be the newspaper owned by none other than Meredith’s ex. But before he could work for him in the capacity he wanted to, his boss wanted him to ‘prove’ himself in Dare Valley. It all came with a nice little package of blackmail. His boss was paranoid that whatever Meredith was going to write would hurt his chances in his run for Senator. Tanner’s mission was to make Meredith fall in love with him and then break it off, so she wouldn’t have the story she was planning on writing. Even though Tanner disliked this assignment handed him, he had no choice, no choice at all. And no choice in how he and Meredith connected, sparks and all.

My Thoughts: I don’t normally read many contemporary romance, but I make exception for a few authors. Ava Miles happens to be one of them. This is the third book I’ve read of hers, however not in the same series. In each case, they have been warm, real, sweet romances that seize my heart.

This particular story revolves around the love of family, both of Meredith and Tanner’s. With that love, comes need to protect even when one has to lie or tell half-truths. The story also shows that once you’re found out, it just may hurt more than if the truth had been spoken. Both Meredith and Tanner had difficulty telling untruths and I commiserated with both, knowing they had little choice. Both of them despised themselves in part because of it, yet felt truth would hurt more.

This story has secondary stories other than the main ones, which gives it quite a bit of depth and interest where friendship, love and honor all are part of it. Many suspenseful moments await you, laced with fear, sometimes passion and other times humor involving more villains lurking to strike.

A heart-warming, entertaining story, yet with an edge of suspense and mystery of a woman who falls in love with the wrong man, or so she thinks. Should she trust her heart or her logic? Her predicament leads her where her brain dare not go–with pitfalls of heartache along the way.

Ava Miles will soften your heart and take you to a world where the valor of people is more important than material possessions. I haven’t read many of Nora Roberts’ books, but after so many allusions to them, I’m ready to delve back into Nora Roberts. Thank you Ava Miles for such a sweet, powerful read. As a contemporary romance author, I highly recommend her work.

Dare Valley

Title: Small Towns, Fairy Tales, and Nora Roberts Land, box-set of book 1-3
Author: Ava Miles
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


Book 1: Nora Roberts Land ~ A journalist returns to her hometown to debunk the Nora Roberts novels her ex-husband blamed for their divorce only to discover happy endings exist.
Book 2: French Toast ~ A small town girl mixes business and pleasure with her childhood BFF until his own Mrs. Robinson returns, making her question their friendship and newfound love.
Book 3: The Grand Opening ~ A cynical single-mom cop discovers she can’t bluff her way out of love when a mysterious poker-playing hotel magnate shows her it’s worth the gamble.
6b7da8d2a7e50a7e9d9ab0.L._V379633623_SX200_About the Author: USA Today Bestselling Author Ava Miles burst onto the contemporary romance scene after receiving Nora Roberts’ blessing for her use of Ms. Roberts’ name in her debut novel, the #1 National Bestseller Nora Roberts Land, which kicked off her small town series, Dare Valley, and brought praise from reviewers and readers alike. Ava’s books have reached the #1 spot at Barnes & Noble, ranked in Amazon’s Top 20, and been in the Top 10 at iBooks. A two-time Reward of Novel Excellence Nominee by InD’tale Magazine for Nora Roberts Land and French Toast, Ava has also released a connected series called Dare River, set outside the country music capital of Nashville. She’s fast becoming a favorite author in light contemporary romance (Tome Tender) and is known for funny, emotional stories about family and empowerment. Ava’s background is as diverse as her characters. She’s a former chef, worked as a long-time conflict expert rebuilding warzones, and now writes full-time from her own small town community.

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