Audiobook Review: SILVER STORM, book 1, The Raveneau Novels

An exceedingly good production of this marvelous novel by Cynthia Wright

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untitled (9)Title: Silver Storm, book 1, The Raveneau Novels
Author: Cynthia Wright
Genre: Historical Romance (Revolutionary War, Colonial American)
Published by: Boxwood Manor Books (November 16, 2013)
Pages: 324 ASIN: B005DJ93EW

Production Copy: February 13, 2014
Narrated by: Emily Beresford
Listening Length: 11 hours, 5 minutes
Published by: Cynthia Wright
Whispersync for Voice: Ready



~The Raveneau Novels~

The Silver Storm, book 1
Surrender the Stars, book 2
Silver Sea, book 3
Tempest, book 4

About the Story: Devon Lindsay has always, always had a crush on Andre Raveneau. So when she by chance ran into Devon on the street, she was entranced – a besotted young girl. Andre, thinking to rid her of this affliction, decided to kiss her. That’s what surely would scare her off. But when his lips touched hers a curious feeling overtook him. He reacted with somewhat of a jolt. How come this chit of a girl could pull that kind of reaction from him? She was yet but a child and he had his ship to return to and enemy ships to seize.

Several years later, Devon’s town was raided by the Redcoats. Two Redcoats came into her mother’s shop, thinking to plunder more than just supplies. Her mother was dragged up the stairs to her fate. Devon was saved the same by a cry that the town was burning. The Redcoat grabbed her, shouting to his buddy up the stairs and left the shop. The next thing Devon knew, her mother’s shop was burning. In anguish she looked back to see fire licking through the windows and knew her mother was dead. Devon had a very agile mind, abided her time and was able to escape her captor. She climbed up a tree and hid there for hours. During those hours, she wept, saddened by her mother’s cruel end and the many deaths in New London.

Thinking the Redcoats had finally left, hours later, Devon climbs out of the tree. Where was she to go? She was spotted by a man, thankfully not the enemy. Exhausted, Devon wanted to believe he was good. He spoke kindly and said he would take her to safety. Some hours later, after riding on horseback, they arrived at a ship in a small harbor. Her hero snuck her on board, disguised as a young man. She knew that ship all too well. It was the Black Eagle, captained by none other than Captain Andre Raveneau. Her new hero, Caleb, was the ‘scrupulous’ sailor who saved her from certain peril. And for his good deed to her, he received a lashing from the captain. What was she thinking? How could she ever had kind thoughts for Andre Raveneau? How could he punish the man who had saved her life? As far as Devon was concerned, all previous thoughts of Andre being a hero were washed away. He was just a brute as we hear from her own lips on many occasions.

As in most situations, not all is at it seems, neither from Devon’s point of view nor from Andre’s. A most intriguing twisting story, this,  full of lies, half-truths and blazing temper!

My Thoughts: I’m always ready for a story with the American Revolution, the pains of a new nation, as a backdrop. I wasn’t disappointed in the telling of this one. From its first chapter it held action and didn’t let up. The narrator, with her superb personation of hot-tempered Devon, her mother, sceptical Captain Andre Raveneau and the myriad of emotions that explode between Devon and Andre,  enhance many-fold this suspenseful novel. I could easily listen again and enjoy it as much.

Captain Andre hadn’t remembered their ‘first kiss’, but this spirited chit, dressed as a boy, was worth getting to know. But when Devon wouldn’t listen to the captain even when giving orders, she nearly finds herself off the ship. She pleads beseechingly to the captain to take her to her fiancé, Morgan, who is fighting in the war and should be in Chesapeake Bay.

The captain agrees to do so, however reluctantly, not able to say no to a damsel in distress, if she is, which the captain questions. Coming aboard with Caleb, a scoundrel, if there ever was one, does not help her case. She certainly shows she likes the man. What? A man in every port for Devon? She certainly bears watching.

Much occurs before they are able to locate Morgan, and it appears that Morgan has become a thorn in the captain’s side—a big thorn! How can Andre want a woman who is affianced to another? It is not the honorable thing to pursue another man’s woman, so he says. More adventure awaits them both, tempers flare, passion burns, and soon no one’s emotions are clearly readable.

The story line was chock full of suspense, sarcasm, anger, passion, fear, along with honor. The reader is unable to guess what will happen next. I enjoyed the fiery personality of Devon as a young woman and her fight-back attitude when her world was destroyed around her. Narrator Emily Beresford uses a high-lilt of a young girl for Devon, a bit flighty in character, just a young girl with a head full of dreams. Devon’s mother sounded old, tired, hurt and disgusted with the way life treated her. It was hard to believe that it was the same person narrating both characters, let alone the male voice for Andre. Andre’s diction of English had a slight French accent and when he spoke in actual French, she had the pronunciation exactly right .

untitled (10)About the Author Cynthia Wright (in her own words): Many of you read my books during my 20 year, 13-novel career with a New York publisher.  My historical romances are, as one reader said, “warm, adventurous, loving, and sensual.”  They are filled with compelling characters who cross over into other novels, so the families become beloved friends.  And, I enjoy incorporating real historical people, places, and events into my novels!  After two decades, I took a break from writing to pursue other endeavors, but the “indie” e-book revolution lured me back and I am incredibly excited to have all my books available, re-freshened & re-edited, with stunning new covers.  I’m writing again and loving it more than ever.

Last year, I released a brand-new Raveneau novel, TEMPEST, and I’m very grateful for the warm reception from readers. In 2014, I am publishing SMUGGLER’S MOON, the first book in a new Raveneau series called “The Raveneaus in Cornwall!” It’s filled with passion and adventure and I hope you will love it.

 * * * * * * * * * *

If you would like to read the two series, the Raveneau novels and the Beauvisage novels in chronological order, they are listed here.

1793 – SPRING FIRES* (A Beauvisage/Raveneau Novel)
1814 – NATALYA
1818 – SILVER SEA (A Raveneau/Beauvisage Novel)
1903 – TEMPEST


EBHeadshotNarrator Emily Beresford: Ms. Beresford earned her BA in Liberal Studies from Green Mountain College in Vermont, with concentrations in Creative Writing, Music, and English. In 2013 she was nominated for an Audie Award and received an Earphones Award from AudioFile magazine. She lives in Michigan with her wonderful husband, and two amazing children.

Her comments about this series: I have to say I love this series! Cynthia’s writing is so magical, I never knew I enjoyed Historical Romance this much until her books. Now I am hooked!

One of her fans recently said that her settings for her books become characters in themselves with all the imagery and care she has taken to represent them. That really rang true for me as I always find myself so immersed in her writing and feel like I am actually living it.

Her dialogue is also so true to the timeline of the setting that it adds an extra element of really being present in the story. It has been such an honor narrating her Raveneau Series, and I can’t wait to begin on the upcoming (on audio) Beauvisage Series!




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