Planning Ahead: Creature Comforts (and necessities) For After your Mastectomy and/or Breast Reconstruction Surgery

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a time to pull together as families and women, to share and care with loved ones who have or are going through this difficulty. I will be sharing a review of a book that just came out titled How to Climb the Eiffel Tower, by Elizabeth Hein, which is extremely well written about life and those who have cancer. Just a few more days. Today I reblog from SueAnn Porter, a gal who has taken the journey on the road to recovery.

SueAnn Porter

Breast-cancer-awarenessHaving a Mastecomy and breast reconstruction surgery is scary. The best defense is to be prepared. I researched and planned the best I could, and bought the items ahead of time.

My reconstruction is called a DIEP Flap. This means that skin and fat are taken from the stomach area, as well as an artery, and shifted up to make a new breast. Since the artery is included in this move, it ensures that the flesh will stay alive and be nourished.

Since October has been dubbed Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am sharing my list of items that helped me, in the hope that it can help someone else.

Here is a list of items that helped me when I came home from the hospital:

  1. Hospital bed or recliner to sleep in. We do not have a recliner. Our insurance would not pay for a hospital bed, so…

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2 Responses to Planning Ahead: Creature Comforts (and necessities) For After your Mastectomy and/or Breast Reconstruction Surgery

  1. Thank you for the reblog!


  2. Sue Ann, I’ve featured Elizabeth Hein these last few blogs. She a cancer survivor, too, and has written a very nice book you may like to read, HOW TO CLIMB THE EIFFEL TOWER. The first post tells a bit about herself and second one is the review. Hope you stop by.


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