Bonded by Blood Vampire Chronicles Book Blast Continues: MIDNIGHT HUNT, Book 3

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Midnight HuntTitle: Midnight Hunt (Bonded in Blood Vampire Chronicles Book #3)

Author: Arial Burnz

Genre: Paranormal Romance set in against a historic backdrop

Published: August 6, 2013

Publisher: Mystical Press



Germany – 1636

Driven by the desire to have the true love she’s experienced in her dreams, MONIKA KONRAD uses her magical skills to weave a love spell during the waxing of the moon. As if in response, a strangely familiar Vamsyrian enters her village looking for wolfsbane. Could he be her soul mate delivered to her by the Gods? Or is he the answer to her prayers to protect her and her grandmother from the werewolf that killed her parents?

BRODERICK MAC DOUGAL is drawn to the powerful witch by a familiar force and a vision from the prophetess says Monika is the next phase in the prophecy. Rick makes the raven-haired wise woman his next pursuit to unravel this mystery of why she reminds him so much of his late wife, Davina. However, there are other supernatural forces surrounding her, exposing Rick to a darker side of this deal he made for immortality…and this enchanting nymph may be his salvation.

Broderick’s quest for answers causes a chain of events that starts a witch hunt, dooming both him and Monika to the fiery stake of judgment. And through these trials, they learn the Church has a new ally who is hunting down the members of the Army of Light.

Reader Advisory: This story contains some explicit love scenes, described using graphic and direct language. This story also contains explicit, scenes of violence and gore, so is not for the faint-of-heart.

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The Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles

The Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles is a six-book paranormal fantasy series with strong romantic elements. Broderick “Rick” MacDougal never expected to find his soul mate, Davina Stewart, during his quest for revenge. Nor did he expect her immortal soul would be the price. Rick and Davina are two of three keys tied to a prophecy of redemption for all vampires. Clan enemy and the man he has sworn to destroy, Angus Campbell, is the fated third. If either Broderick or Angus die, their souls are destined for hell and Davina’s will be cast into oblivion. But the truth is more dire than any of them imagine. Davina’s soul does more than fulfill the prophecy. If the Vamsyrian King sacrifices her in an ancient ritual, he will end the prophecy and secure his immortality for all time.

About the Author

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Arial Burnz has been an avid reader of paranormal and fantasy for over thirty years. With bedtime stories filled with unicorns, hobbits, dragons and elves, she succumbed to crafting her own tales, penning to life the magical creatures roaming her dreams. Having a romantic husband who’s taught her the meaning of true love, she’s helpless to weave romance into her tales. Now she shares them with the world. Arial Burnz lives in Southern California, with her husband (a.k.a. her romance novel hero)—who is also, quite coincidentally, a descendant of Clan MacDougal.

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