My chat with Aidan!

I love audiobooks. I use them in moments where I can’t hold a book or Kindle in my hands. Amazon has also made it amazingly simple to read and listen to the same story on audio without adding much cost to the purchase. I had a listen to the brogue this narrator has with Tanya Anne Crosby’s newest audiobook. It’s to die for. So if you have the book and want to listen to the audio, check out Amazon. If you haven’t, purchased either, this may be a good time to get them both.


Hello and welcome!

Today I will share a chat I had with a very handsome Highlander I discovered recently, I met him in an audiobook version of this great story written by Tanya Anne Crosby, very proud and oh so handsome and his voice is to die for. The narrator is James Gillies and WOW what a voice! I hope he will narrate the next book too. Have a listen here… I love the brogue, there is something about it that makes me weak in the knees sigh


Here is what Aidan had answered to my nosy questions…

What is your full name?
My given name is Aidan — simply Aidan. Our tribe is the last of 7 Pecht nations, but we dinna hail from any one in particular. Rather, we are the sons of Cat, Fidach, Ce, Fotla, Circinn, Fortriu and Fib.

Do you have a nickname?

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  1. seelkfireice says:

    Thank you for the share! ❤

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