Review: THE LETTER by Sandra Owens ~ be prepared to be outraged and hate the treacherous hand of jealousy

Title: The Letterperf5.000x8.000.indd
Author: Sandra Owens
Genre: Historical Romance
Published By: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.; English Tea Rose edition (March 25, 2013)
Pages: 366

About the Story: When Michael Jefferes, Earl of Daventry read ‘the letter’ he could not control his rage. How had he been played so thoroughly with such devastating results for himself, but particularly Diana, his ex-fiancée and love of his youth? A man of action, he set wheels in motion to find her.

Diana, the only daughter of a marquess, had lost her will to live except for her son, James. She was glad that Leo, Baron Brantley, her husband, had died, but the pain he inflicted on her body and soul remained. She lived with little in a small cottage trying to grow her own food. When the man who gave her a small stipend to use throughout the month started making advances and shorting her allowance unless she would ‘please’ him, she didn’t know where to turn.

When Michael locates Diana he sees she’s not the woman she was 11 years ago. She didn’t want to leave the cottage even though she had nothing there. She was safe from Leo and people. Michael talks Jamie and her into coming with him, gaining some trust from the boy. Both left to provide something better for each other. Then Michael begins working his magic and planning…

My Thoughts: I enjoyed this book right from the outset. Ms. Owen began the story with a letter which played a prominent role throughout. There is nothing better than facing a villain from the first chapter. He was truly evil and probably deranged from jealousy. The reader knows immediately who the villain is. A very nice twist to this story is the villain (someone we all can hate) was dead, yet his deeds were still poisoning those he had wanted to hurt. We learned what he had done through his last letter to his cousin, Michael Jefferes, Earl of Daventry, delivered one year after he died. The reader continues to learn of his horrific acts through dialog from the lovely Diana.

We find Michael stepping up to the plate, trying to right some of the wrongs done Diana—by himself, Leo and her parents. He is a man of wit, passion, sensitivity and caring—more than lovable.

After 10 years of marriage to Leo, Diana’s spirit was crushed. She had been abused physically for the slightest error and then not even that sometimes. So when Michael decided to take her and Jamie away from the cottage, she cowered afraid to be physically hurt when Michael would near her. Michael saw what he was up against. What Leo had done to her made his blood boil with rage. But he dare not show this side of himself for fear of putting her off even further. Michael, one who forever formulates plans (as his father), has several plans to give Diana back her life. In the process of doing so, Michael falls in love again. Diana is drawn to him, but is full of fear. She rather escape with her son and live in a small cottage, independently making her own decisions. She does not want to be ruled by a man ever again. Michael has a great hand in ameliorating Diana’s inner conflicts, teaching her how to beat her demons and eases the healing process physically and mentally.

I simply adored Michael as a character. He personifies the perfect man, in my opinion. Diana was so lucky! He loved to see her smile by weaving silly stories. He had an unusually sarcastic relationship with his valet, promising to fire him at every turn, although both knew that would never be. And he was a planner. Whatever goal he set for himself he reached.

All in all, I found Ms. Owens story entertaining eliciting emotions of heart-break, fear, heartache, hatred, anger, love and happiness. Ms. Owens with her comical and witty dialog make Michael and Diana lovable and a perfect match. I would categorically recommend this book to discerning historical romance readers.

7096008About the Author: Sandra Owens writes Regency historical and contemporary romances.

If you’d like to hear about more of her work click the following hyperlink to link to Embracing Romance.

The author is active on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter: @SandyOwens1

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6 Responses to Review: THE LETTER by Sandra Owens ~ be prepared to be outraged and hate the treacherous hand of jealousy

  1. Sandra Owens says:

    Eileen, thank you so, so much! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Michael and Diana’s story. Michael was one of my favorite heroes to write.


  2. carolcork says:

    Eileen, I’m totally in agreement with you about The Letter…heartbreaking but uplifting at the same time. I loved the crazy letters Michael sends Diana about the imaginary cats after she runs away.


  3. Lovely review, Eileen. This is one of my favorite books. I just had my mother-in-law read and she doesn’t read historical romance. Guess what? She really enjoyed. it. Michael is one of my all-time favorite heroes.


  4. I think couples should always keep humor in their relationships. Romance continues through the years if you do…


  5. As it was with you, you just get hooked. Hopefully she’ll pick up another one. There are some wonderful authors out there. I vary my reads, but seem to always return to historical with a love story. My best to you…


  6. carolcork says:

    I so agree with you, Eileen.


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