Review of The Savage Surrogate and further information about Dorothy May Mercer’s McBride/Washington McBride Series

I would be remiss if I didn’t include additional information about this and the previous series titled McBride novels. Each of these books in some way deal with a social issue.

The McBride series is composed of five stories with Mike McBride as the lead character. He’s a detective in the police force of Carson City, New Mexico and in love with Juliette whom he finally marries in book five. Each of these books deals with cocaine, cartels, smuggling and illegal immigration. Dorothy May Mercer is very passionate about these social issues. She exposes the abuse of illegal immigrants, which may include murders and deaths in the desert; gun smuggling; and trafficking of women over the border. Through clever plots that are so close to reality, I felt I was reading a documentary.

Here I quote Dorothy: In #5 of the McBride Series, Mike is appointed senator. In the end dorothy may mercerhe addresses the Senate in a rip-roaring speech that is so emotional that it transforms the Senate into passing humane Comprehensive Immigration reform.

The reform bill is hugely successful and brings about a new era of prosperity for the US, beyond the wildest expectations. It provides multiple avenues to take care of those already in the US, and sets up a legal system for migrant workers, to cross the border to waiting jobs. I am proud of my ideas for a comprehensive solution to immigration issues, and would dearly love to see them considered in the Congress. The ideas are mine, and are different in some ways from current proposals floating around.

DorothyMayMercer_The_Fairfax_Fix_Front_Cover_OnlyIn the Washington McBride series, Mike and Juliette play a role in all three novels. He is now a freshman senator. In book 1 titled The FairFax Fix Mike break ups a gang in Fairfax which coerces high school young women into prostitution. This story was sparked by an actual Fairfax, Virginia criminal gang.

In book 2 Juliette is more involved when she starts work as an investigative reporter. Here is a quote from Dorothy May Mercer:DorothyMayMercer_Arlington_Ebook_Cover

This novel was inspired by an article about the rescue of women working as domestic slaves in a McLean residence of the Saudi embassy. Also, inspired by the news about the 11 year old girl who needed a lung transplant, if you remember the story. I included that angle to expose the trafficking in human organs. In this book Juliette’s old college room-mate, Fran, disappears.

And now the review.

Dorothy May mercer Savage SurrogateTitle: The Savage Surrogate, book 3 of The Washington McBride Series
Author: Dorothy May Mercer
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Story Setting: Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, New Mexico
Published By: Mercer Publications & Ministries, Inc.; 4 edition (November 29, 2013)
Pages: 249

About the Story: This is Fran’s story. After she vanished without a trace, off the streets of Washington, D.C., her friend, Juliette McBride, suffered agonies of grief and remorse. Juliette could not erase the feeling that Fran was still alive, somewhere in the world, yearning to return home. In her twin positions as investigative reporter for WXN-TV and columnist for the Washington Times, Juliette had access to resources not available to the average person. Disregarding danger, Juliette continued to snoop into organized crime, hoping to find a clue to the whereabouts of Fran. Then, one day, it happened…

My Thoughts: I almost put the book down not far into the story. I was afraid it would be one of those stories that scare the hell out of you. I forced myself beyond that point and realized that the author had done a lot of research and thought to provide the reader a very plausible story and one with a powerful message. This story spoke about the issues of human trafficking and issues related to surrogacy.

It was quick paced, suspenseful, informative, and definitely a good read. This is the third book of a series so there is some back story that I don’t have which would no doubt give me a better grasp of who Fran was in her life before her kidnapping, but it is a book that stands alone.

Along with a very good suspenseful read, the story does a marvelous job in exposing the plight of women who are outright kidnapped off the street or coerced into being a gestational carrier, a form of human trafficking and slavery. Dorothy’s stories are based on documentaries, articles and excellent research, written with such realism that I was able to grasp the horror of their plight and the total hopelessness that women find themselves in. Some women are held for years and years with the promise of retiring with plenty of money and if housed in the U.S. American citizenship. It is hard to understand how a woman could be duped with such promises, but when you understand their helpless and poverty-stricken lives in some cases, you can understand that they are reaching for the possibility of hope–a hope to survive with a chance in life. The story did a good job in this area and for that reason I had to contact the author to know more about her intentions behind the story. If you’d like to know more about Dorothy, please see my interview with her by following this link.

I know the work of dogs in calamities that strike such as earthquakes, mud slides, or hurricanes/tornadoes. They have an extremely keen sense of smell and also a benefit in tracking a person. Lady, the dog hero of the story, has a special place in my heart. I loved how Dorothy wove her into the story.

If you enjoy fiction with suspense, political and international intrigue which deals with very real issues of today, then you’ll love how Dorothy writes. I learned so much. And as I found out, that was her intent. Thank you Dorothy for a terrific series.

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