Interview with author Dorothy May Mercer, a writer striving to make a difference

I contacted Dorothy May Mercer because I was intrigued with her book, why she wrote it and if she had any hopes it would be read as a tool for women’s awareness.

Thank you Dorothy for coming to my blog today to answer a few questions. I noticed that your book was published by Mercer Publications & Ministries, Inc. What is this publishing group?

dorothy may mercer

Dorothy May Mercer

Mercer Publications & Ministries, Inc. was founded in 1993 as a small, family-owned publishing business, involved in publishing printed sacred music, and original classical guitar and piano pieces, as well as exercise tapes and meditation tapes, (before meditation became the rage). As the founder and only president, I published my own creations and those of a few friends and associates.

What kind of educational background do you have?

I obtained my Bachelors of Music, Summa Cum Laude, Certification as Director of Music, Certification in Healing and Wholeness Ministries, and Sanctification as a Diaconal Minister of Music, in the United Methodist Church. I served as Director of Music in a local church, taught private students, and conducted seminars and retreats in local churches on Healing and Wholeness and related topics. Eventually I was Ordained as one of the first Permanent Deacons in the United Methodist Church, connecting the Church and the World. (Previously, the Deacon was considered a stepping-stone to Elder) As such, I continued my work, adding more committees, mentoring others into the ministry, and a monthly Healing Service to my responsibilities. As a very busy person, I still managed to write and produce musical dramas as part of my music ministry and write my own seminars and journals. Writing comes naturally to me.

At age seventy, my husband and I both retired. He agreed to support me in devoting myself full time to writing, publishing and marketing novels through Mercer Publications & Ministries, Inc. As such, Dave has taken up many of the domestic duties and helped me in myriad ways.

What is your mission then?

Perhaps a better question would be what is my calling? It is to use my time and God-given imagination and creative gifts to teach and help others in whatever situation I find myself.

Okay, that makes sense. That’s why you’ve struck out in so many different directions. I’ve noticed the same holds true in your publications, too. You’ve written quite a few self-help books as well as books for improving writing skills. Tell us about your novel writing. Are you particularly concerned about human trafficking and do you hope your books may educate the public?

When I create a novel, it must respond to a problem or need that I see. My idea is to create an entertaining fiction tale for the mass market, that captures the emotions, is fun to read, but will also educate and throw light on a current problem. The books are designed to work as movies, as well.

Some of my books have made it briefly into the top ten, top one, and top 100 on Amazon. But, I would wish that they would actually make a difference in five particular areas:

1.) Respect and acknowledgement of law enforcement, not just police but all who serve and protect the homeland.
2.) Illegal drug abuse, smuggling & border issues.
3.) Humane Immigration reform.
4.) Gangs & Sexual Slavery.
5.) Human trafficking, with slavery and abuse.

The Savage Surrogate is the eighth novel I have written on these various subjects. In every case, I draw on news articles and stories forDorothy May mercer Savage Surrogate inspiration. The details that I included in the “The Savage Surrogate” (including the big needle which intimidated you Eileen) were taken from actual articles, books, stories, and other research on the subject, some of which I referenced. (I write fiction, not fantasy.) In fact, some of it is all too real, as you discovered.

I see you are trying to make a difference in these areas that bring tragedy to many lives. Are you directly working with any of them?

There are organizations working to combat human trafficking. I’m not informed on all that they do, beyond gathering statistics, lobbying and doing education projects. I reached out to two or three local chapters, and got no response, except from one man who planned to read one of my books and respond, but, so far, has not done so.

What plans do you have for your work?

Over the years I have led and participated in countless organizations, in connection with my work, too numerous to mention. At this time, I interface almost entirely with other authors and author’s groups. My good deeds are lavished on so-called “Indie-Writers,” those of us who self- publish. I do a lot of helping, friending, editing, proof-reading, and reviewing, at no charge, not to mention teaching—writing and publishing a series of ten self-help booklets for indie writers.

I hoped that the three books in the McBride Washington Series would result in appearances and book signings in Fairfax & Arlington, Virginia, and Savage, Maryland, for starters. I plan to be in the D.C. area in August and was hoping to put a small promotional tour together. But, I’ve been busy writing and marketing and let time slip away, as I need to do more to set it up.

Dorothy, you are so busy and still find time to write! I am so pleased that you could stop by today. I hope that you are able to engage organizations in your area or persons who are interested in providing their expertise and energy to work together to make a difference. If any of my readers today has a desire, please contact Dorothy May Mercer at
Twitter Handle: @DorothyMMercer

In my next post, dear readers, I will share my review of her book, The Savage Surrogate, book 3 of the Washington McBride Series.

My son is also involved in trying to make a difference in lives that have been touched with such suffering. He gave me a list of of organizations that are involved in helping.

• Not For Sale
• International Justice Mission
• National Polaris Project
• Hope Be Restored
• Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking CAST
• CNN Freedom Project
• The A21 Campaign
• Oasis
• I Empathize
• Safe House (Riverside)
• Million Kids

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