Amy Corwin’s Second Sons Inquiry Agency Series: Book Review — The Dead Man’s View

Title: The Dead Man’s View (1819 – A Regency Mystery featuring Knighton Gaunt and 18632382Prudence Barnard, Second Sons Inquiry Agency Series, Book 3)
Author: Amy Corwin
Genre: Regency Mystery
Published By: Fireside Mysteries (September 30, 2013)
Pages: 345
ISBN: 1490988475


Second Sons Inquiry Agency Series:
The Vital Principal (February 20, 2011)
A Rose Before Dying (June 8, 2011)
The Dead Man’s View (September 30, 2013)
The Illusion of Desire (February 21, 2014)

Amy CorwinAbout the Author: Amy Corwin is a charter member of the Romance Writers of America and member of Mystery Writers of America. She has been writing for the last ten years and only just recently left her day job as an enterprise systems administrator in the computer industry to pursue her writing passion full-time. She writes Regencies, historicals, mysteries, and contemporary paranormals. She has said that she includes murder in her stories and finds that it keeps her other characters toeing the plot line. So we can safely say she also has a sense of humor along with able to tell a good story.

Her first book, Smuggled Rose, came out in 2007. Her second book, I Bid One American, was originally published May 2008. She followed this with a novella, Christmas Mishaps, in 2008, and a short story, Outrageous Behavior, in 2009. Her most recent books A Fall of Silver and Vampire Protector are both paranormals. She’s written six mysteries: The Earl’s Masquerade; The Vital Principle; The Bricklayer’s Help; The Necklace; Love, the Critic; and Whacked! They are either historical, romantic or contemporary. All of her mysteries have a touch of romance.

She can be found on the web through these link:
Twitter handle: @AuthorAmyCorwin

About the Story: Prudence Barnard gets invited to visit Eric Knibbs, her second cousin, only to find after a week stay he is found dead, hanging by a rope out his bedroom window. It is assumed it was a suicide, but Pru is not convinced that’s the case. Was the maze outside Eric Knibb’s bedroom at the heart of the mystery or simply the killer’s ruse to suggest suicide?

Pru asks her good friend Knighton Gaunt, an inquiry agent, to look into his death. They have worked together in the past and she values his friendship and respects him.

Things start getting complicated when one of the Eric Knibb’s house guests is Knighton’s brother. Knighton has walked away from Polite Society to work as an inquiry agent something he feels very passionate about and his brother makes it very apparent to him that he is no longer within the fold. They are estranged. When Prudence gets to know about the lives of each of the guests staying at the mansion she cannot believe any one of them could have been responsible for Eric’s death.

As the story unfolds, the reader is left with the question whodunit? Prudence relies more and more on Knighton and his intelligence and logic. They are also mutually attracted to each other, yet neither believes they can surmount societal obstacles preventing them from becoming any more than friends. Fate has her way with them, upside down becomes right-side up. The story involves lies and deceit leading to despair and death. Who is behind it all?

My Thoughts: Even though I started this series with book 3, I didn’t feel that I began in the middle of a story. It is easily read as a stand-alone. The combination of the Regency period and mystery was fun for me. I was swept along with the events no more knowing whodunit than the characters. It was an agreeable read along with an entertaining plot. Both Prudence and Knighton were characters with a sense of morality which made them the good guys. Other characters were less easy to read, but I imagine that’s what makes a mystery enjoyable. The suspenseful moments with more tragedy striking were in the last third of the story, making some very tense moments of reading! If someone were to say boo I probably would have jumped.

Goodreads provided a copy for an honest review.

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