HOW CAN YOU RESIST THIS HISTORICAL ROMANCE READ? Heroine talking with hero, both in disguise; the heiress Miss Katherine Wright impersonating her maid and Graham Spencer, Lord Avonleigh impersonating his valet.

When a Lord needs a Lady-medium

“It’s said he never smiles. That he is one of the most miserable men in all of Britain and that his heart—if he has one—is the size of a pea.” She held up her thumb and index finger to show just how small his heart was.

Graham, at first horrified, let out a sharp, and rather rusty, laugh. “Do tell me more.”

She smiled, her full lips looking incredibly enticing at the moment, so Graham forced himself to look into her eyes. They were changeable eyes, green and gray and blue in a field of golden brown. “It’s said—I overheard Miss Wright talking with her mother about Lord Avonleigh—that he will marry the very first girl he smiles at. Not a polite smile. A true smile.”

He hadn’t heard that one. “Truly” That’s what they say?”

“That and the part about him not having a heart. He’s known as the Miserable Marquess.”

“He has a heart,” he muttered. “Somewhere.”

“Of course he has one,” she said. “He simply has never used it.”

Title: When a Lord Needs a Lady
Author: Jane Goodger
Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Story Setting: Brighton, London — England
Published By: eKensington (February 6, 2014)
Pages: 252
ISBN: 1601832230

About the Author: Jane Goodger worked as a journalist for 12 years when she decided to write happy ever after endings rather than what real life can dish out. She wrote When a Lord Needs a Lady as a Happy Valentine’s to her fans. Her next book is titled When a Lady Needs a Lord. The last four books she’s written are loosely tied together with some of the same characters.

Here’s a list of her books.

About the Story: Graham Spencer had to find an heiress and quickly to save his estate and the tenants who depended on him. It was all slowly dying and if he didn’t do something quickly, all would be gone.

The aristocracy in England, in general, needed new blood. English women wanted titled husbands, but not impoverished. The titled men sought wealth, which the colonies provided—women from the U.S. wanted a title to add to their wealth. It was a win-win situation.

Graham Spencer had his eye on one American heiress with a dowry that would pump life blood back into his estate. He would sacrifice himself rather than have his people lose faith. But when he couldn’t get Miss Wright out of his head, nor apparently out of his arms, he risked all.

Miss Katherine Wright, from New York, came to England to placate her mother and father. Both wanted her to wed a titled man. She was not interested in a man with or without a title if they didn’t love each other.

When she had a chance to leave the hotel and be out on her own, something she had never been able to do all her life, she grabbed the opportunity. If she had to marry a stuffy aristocrat, then she wanted to have memories of good times. She met and was attracted to a very handsome valet. When he kept asking her to meet him even at inconceivable hours, she went. Why not? She would never see the man again once she was in London and no one knew her in Brighton. And besides, the valet was a gentlemen.

My Thoughts: I was hooked from the very first page. Ms. Goodger writes witty dialog and an entertaining plot. The heroine does such unexpected things–she makes you keep reading. I knew she would be caught, it was just a matter of when and how. I mean, that’s what makes the story good, right? Then comes the anguish, his anguish and hers. Unrequited love, misunderstandings and great character development make this a really fun read.

Thank you Ms. Goodger for making MY Valentine’s Day a happy ever after.

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8 Responses to HOW CAN YOU RESIST THIS HISTORICAL ROMANCE READ? Heroine talking with hero, both in disguise; the heiress Miss Katherine Wright impersonating her maid and Graham Spencer, Lord Avonleigh impersonating his valet.

  1. Sandra Owens says:

    I love her books, Eileen. This one’s on my TBR pile and glad to see such a great review for it. Can’t wait to read.


  2. I wasn’t planning on reading her — she’s not on my commitment schedule for February, but found I had a few days open, so picked it up. Even though the cover has NOTHING to do with the book (isn’t that the usual?), I absolutely loved the story and the interaction between us Yankees and the desperate conflict in conscious found in England aristocracy.


  3. merlin says:



  4. ki pha says:

    It sounds great!!!


  5. Her next one looks like a pleaser, too. I’m going to read it.


  6. carolcork says:

    Eileen, I’ve never read any of Jane Goodger’s books but, after reading your review, I would definitely like to read this one!


  7. It sounds very good. 🙂


  8. I’m ready for her second. Thanks for your comment Sinead.


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