Steampunk Lovers– A Fun Series by Annie Seaton — History, Romance , Time Travel and Unbelievable Steam Contraptions Make It Happen

?????????????Titles: Winter of the Passion Flower, Summer of the Moon Flower Book 1 and 2 (The de Vargas Family Series) novellas
Author: Annie Seaton
Genre: Steampunk13644174
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“Well written, fun, and fresh, I’m so glad I took a chance and grabbed it. ” BookFiend

“I loved the European setting and the injection of time travel that brings in a historical aspect as well. ” Margaret (Literary Chanteuse)

About the Author: Annie Seaton will be writing two more stories to complete the series The de Vargas Family. She lives on the coast of Australia. Her lifelong dream of writing has held much success. She writes steampunk, historical and paranormal romance and romantic suspense. This is her steampunk series. Before retiring she spent her working years in early childhood education, teaching training of teachers at university. She’s been a librarian, teacher, technology consultant and university tutor. For further information about her and her books click on these links:

For recreation she loves the outback and removing herself from technology completely. She delights in walks on the beach and caring for her garden. She muses on her deck overlooking the ocean where she plots and dreams of new stories.

About The Story: These two books are stories of two sisters, Indigo and Sophia deVargas. In both stories each sister works to complete her father’s botanical research. Unfortunately, his work was cut short by a suspicious accident in the jungle while collecting flowers for his research.

a1-passion-flower-1                                                                    Passion Flower


Book 1 — The Winter of the Passion Flower:  This is the first steampunk story I’ve read. It was pleasurable reading. I had to actually look up what the word meant.  Annie Seaton has added some sizzling scenes between the protagonists Captain Dogooder and Indigo de Vargas y Irausquinno when neither apparently can keep their hands off of each other.  However, both Indigo, a very opinionated women, and Captain Dogooder, Zane Thoreau, have secrets that neither want to expose.  The plot thickens as Indigo sees that Zane has the exact tattoo she has on his back—passion flowers.

moon flower                                                                    Moon Flower

Book 2 –The Summer of the Moon Flower: This is Sophia de Vargas’ story, the younger sister of Indigo. She has worked hard to establish herself as an in-demand haut couturier which is a great cover for her other work—pursuing the research her father started on the moon flower. She is working to purify the extract which prolongs life. Unfortunately an ancient order of knights have heard of her work and seek to exterminate her and all her work.
The Earl of Rothmore newly inducted into this order is seeking his father’s wish of destroying the group who have become evil. He and Edward were commissioned to kill Sophia. But the Earl of Rothmore has other ideas.

These two novellas were quick reads and quite enjoyable. I’m new to the steampunk scene and find myself delighted with a world in the past with inventions that belong in the future. Annie Seaton did a nice job of writing and I hope to be able to continue her series.

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