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Title: Dangerous Proposal (The Pinnacles of Power Series)dangerousproposalcover1
A BookStrand Publishing mainstream Romance
Author: Jessica Lauryn
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Published By: Siren Publishing (July 3, 2012)
Pages: 276
ASIN: B008H744FU

About The Author: Jessica Lauryn enjoys creating stories that have dark heroes with demons riding them hard. Her heroes usually reform through the process of falling in love and conquering the demons. The Pinnacle Towers Series consists of five books. In chronological order: Dangerous Secret (not yet published), Dangerous Proposal, Dangerous Proposition, Dangerous Ally and Dangerous Magic (not yet released). Jessica will be interviewing with BOOKTALK WITH EILEEN tomorrow. Stop by to learn more about her and have an opportunity to receive one of her books, winner’s choice.

Official Blub About The Story: For ten agonizing years, Alec Westwood has been keeping a secret from the world. At nineteen, he nearly committed the most horrific of crimes—murder in cold blood—and narrowly escaped the assigned task with his life. When a stunning young woman crosses his path wearing the insignia for the underground organization that recruited him, he vows not to let fate get a second chance. But when the enchantress gives him a kiss that leaves him spellbound, Alec realizes the power she holds is greater than all his strength and fortitude combined…

On the run from her psychotic fiancé, Lena Benson vows to forge a new life, even if that means befriending a witch, and practicing the craft of the devil. But when her new friend Jack tells her to stay away from Alec Westwood, the man she believes her fiancé hired to track her down, and the handsome stranger she kissed in a tavern, Lena vows to take matters into her own hands. Alec may have the charm, but she’s calling the shots this time, even if that means resisting the man responsible for giving her the most intimate kiss of her life, a man who’s eyes and touch rob her, literally, of sense…

Excerpt from book:

She ought to go. She certainly wanted to. But the idea of walking alone in the woods with the man she’d been warned to stay away from seemed most unimaginable.

Lena looked at Alec. He was smiling softly, no longer criticizing. His eyes were full of intent. They suggested one thing. Come with me. And your desires will be fulfilled.

Anticipation consumed her. She reached for his hand. Excitement melted into warmth. Warmth became security. They began to walk together along the moonlit path.

She felt…safe. As if for the first time since she’d left Westchester, everything was going to be all right. No one could hurt her. Not when she was with Alec. Her skin tingled with warmth as he brushed his thumb across the surface of her hand.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“I thought we were taking risks tonight,” he said with a grin. “You want to be surprised, don’t you?”

Her cheeks were flushing. She was grateful for the darkness that masked her anxious demeanor.

He smiled. “Don’t worry. I think you’re going to like this.”

She imagined she would, considering how much she had enjoyed everything he’d done so far. A part of her was still afraid, but a larger part wanted very much to know where he was taking her. Alec stroked her knuckles as they walked. The feeling was intoxicating, like sweet, dark chocolate. The longer he did it, the more it seemed this simple touch was no longer enough.

She was drawn from her thoughts as Alec stopped beside a bench. He took a red-and-blue-checkered picnic blanket and slung it over his shoulder.

“Is that yours?”

He shrugged. “I just thought you might want something to sit on. Some of us tend to”—he cleared his throat—“dress up a little more than others.”

Lena laughed. With his hand around hers, she was almost appreciating his wit. “I guess some of us do.”

He leaned in, his warm breath coming against her ear. “I didn’t say I didn’t like it.” He gave her hand a squeeze. “It’s just past those trees. No peeking. I want you to be surprised.

“I promise I won’t peek.” She smiled and shut her eyes. A shiver shot up her spine when she realized he was kissing her cheek.

Lena took an uneasy breath as she walked forward, unable to see what was in front of her. Keeping her arms at her sides, Alec moved her in slow steps. She was taking quite a risk, allowing him to lead her along like this. He could do anything he wanted to her with her eyes closed like this. Oddly enough, the idea was more exciting than it was frightening.

Guiding her by the shoulders, he walked forward a few more paces. Then he stopped. “All right,” he said. “Open your eyes.”

Lena did as she was told, looking out at the biggest, most beautiful lake she’d ever seen. It was vast in size, extending out as far as the trees that surrounded it. Moonlight shined against an uneven surface. Dark ripples glittered beneath a starlit sky.

She turned, looking up into two eyes as blue as the water. “It’s beautiful, Dr. Westwood.”

“Say my name, Lena,” he commanded softly. “I love the way it sounds when you say it.

Lena bit her lip. Once she did this, there was no going back. It would break the unspoken barrier between them. But how could she deny him anything when he was looking at her the way he was?

She suddenly became aware of Alec’s arousal pressing against her back. Her pulse quickened. He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, tightening his hold on her.

She took a deep breath. “The lake is beautiful, Alec.”

My Thoughts: The story started at a slower pace, but quickly gathered momentum as it unfolds.  Even though the book is slated as a romantic suspense, Jessica has created a story which includes mystery and paranormal events, giving us a richer, multi-dimensional read.

As the story unfolds the characters and reader are not privy to the forces behind what is happening which only creates more suspenseful tension.  This one was a hard book to put down for the evening.

It was well conceived and its plot was laid out so the reader can easily understand what is going on, but not WHY it’s going on!  I enjoyed the introduction of new characters throughout the story which helped the reader to weave together what happens.  But Jessica outwitted me. The story doesn’t end at all like I thought it would.

Jessica Lauryn gave us a lovable heroine, Lena Benson.  Her need to escape the evil she found herself in and how she dealt with it created a strong and loyal individual who was able to survive.

I started out thinking that Alec was a real jerk.  And he was, but as in any good story character development takes place and we get to see the slow shift of who he was to what he was becoming which gave me hope that he wasn’t such a bad guy after all.  And as Jessica Lauryn believes in happy ever after stories, Alec became someone who Lena could sincerely love.

I’m so pleased that I picked this book to read.  Jessica Lauryn’s plot had twists and turns and had me guessing and FAILING to locate the really, really bad guy in the story.  I am thrilled to have her join us tomorrow in an interview.  Don’t miss it!

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