An Author’s Star Shines, 2nd Book Out 12/03/2013

Title: Gentlemen Prefer Mischief 
Author: Emily Greenwood
Genre: Regency Romance
Published By: Sourcebooks Casablanca (December 3, 2013)
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9781402276347

RT Book Reviews: “An author to keep an eye on…Greenwood’s talent is obvious.”

About The Author:  Emily Greenwood, a Historical Romance writer worked as a writer creating newsletters and brochures.  Her debut novel A Little Night Mischief  published in June, 2013.  She was a Golden Heart Finalist of Romance Writers of America.

If you haven’t read her first book, A Little Night Mischief, check out this link for review of her first book.

About The Story:  Lily Teagarden has the world in control and she wants it to stay that way.  Everything has its place and living simply was what one should do. She expected never to marry and life at Thistlethwaite Manor would be just the thing.  She, however, wanted to do something important in her life, make a difference in some way and thought if she could save enough money, money that she herself earned working in yarn, she could start a school for the poor girls in her community.  That was her dream.  House parties, spending money on extravagant clothing was not for her. Her perfect ordered life comes to a halt when two things happen – the Woods Fiend returns to the woods adjacent to her home and the Viscount Roxham returns to his estate.

Viscount Roxham did not want to be a viscount.  He was supposed to be the spare in the family, that’s all.  His brother Everard had caught the fever and died. The new Viscount Roxham was the one who made mistakes, the one who couldn’t be serious, just a charmer and tease, also known as Lord Perfect. He didn’t have the training nor the demeanor to be a viscount.  Nor did he think that he was worthy. He was a Captain come back from the war.  His brother had been worthy, his younger brother would have been suited better, but he was the spare and he had to manage somehow.

When Lily Teagarden had come marching over to his estate, all prim and proper, except she didn’t come chaperoned and told him about the return of the Woods Fiend and how it was hurting the family business, he was intrigued.  Wasn’t she the girl that he found sketching his likeness hiding behind a bush?  Apparently, the young 16-year-old had turned into a real beauty.

My Thoughts:  I always love watching a new writer launch herself into the world of publishing.  Author Emily Greenwood took me by surprise.  Her writing is extremely engaging and she’s painted a picture so real that at one point I was literally bawling (I never do that, usually tears only) when everything turned so dire that I was sure that love would never prevail.  Thank God it did.  Every historical romance needs a happy ever after ending.  That’s why we read them!

I enjoy the sparring, if you will, between the hero and heroine.  Viscount Roxham’s teasing only made the story that much more fun to read.  There is character development throughout the story for both hero and heroine.  Doesn’t love change us all?

Don’t miss out on Emily Greenwood’s writing.  She is a force to watch.

About eileendandashi

I am a lover of books, both reading and writing. 2018 marks the beginning of my own journey from writer to published author. This blog will showcase various authors' thoughts on the elements of novel crafting, and my attempts to find my voice in writing. While journaling this journey, I hope to encourage others to follow their dreams. Book reviews continue as I have the last four years, only making time for my new pursuits.
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4 Responses to An Author’s Star Shines, 2nd Book Out 12/03/2013

  1. Wendy Ewurum says:

    Great review Morgan. I love heartbreaking historicals that have you smiling at the end and even better when its a new writer with an awesome book hey….
    Just dropping in saying hi.


  2. Wendy Ewurum says:

    I was writing an email to Morgan Eileen, I’m sorry for mixing up your name.


  3. I’m not quite sure what you meant, Wendy. However, I hope that you enjoyed the review. The book was absolutely tops and it’s only her second.


  4. I’m not quite sure what you meant, Wendy. However, I hope that you enjoyed the review. The book was absolutely tops and it’s only her second.


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