Sarah Sunshine, Revisited

Have you considered reading something by Merry Farmer? Read the enticing excerpt of her highly rated book Sarah Sunshine

Merry Farmer

Sarah Sunshine cover_smallIt’s almost here! In Your Arms is almost here! (actually, it is here, but not officially). But I’ve got one more book from my Montana Romance series to revisit before we switch to all Lily and Christian all the time.

But first, I just have to brag. I mean, how could I not? Sarah Sunshine got THE BEST review in this month’s InD’Tale Magazine! 4.5 out of 5 star and a Crowned Heart! Here’s what they had to say (and yes, I’m still blushing):

“Sarah Withers is free. Her contract with the local saloon is finally up and she can’t wait to begin a new life as a respectable young woman. It seems as though the sky’s the limit and with the help of her previous employer, she should be well on her way to great things – things that will make her the kind of woman Roy would…

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