Can a Leopard Change Its Spots?

  • Title: Notorious Atherton
  • Author: Patricia Rice
  • Genre: Regency, Historical Romance
  • Takes Place: London, 1809
  • Print Length: 284 pages
  • Published by: Book View Café, August 17, 2013

About The Author: Patricia Rice writes both contemporary and historical romances and has won numerous awards: RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice and Career Achievement Awards. She has been a finalist of the Romance Writers of America RITA® in historical, regency and contemporary categories.  She presently resides in Southern California, but has also lived in several of the eastern states in the U.S. To further enjoy getting to know the author use this link to her Web site.

About The Story: Lord Atherton found himself with an impossible task, one he wanted to avoid by all means.  He was appointed the bodyguard of visiting Princess Eleana.  He did not want this job; it smacked too much of what he wished to forget in his previous life.  All he wanted now is to be a good son, keep his mother and father happy and be a good brother to his sisters.

Nora Adams, a widow and the princess’ cousin, could have been her twin. She went to London hoping to meet Princess Eleana.  Happily, she recently inherited some money and all she wanted to do was provide a comfortable home and medicine for her old mother.  But first she was to stay a couple of weeks in London, buy some new clothes and meet her cousin.

Lord Atherton was inexplicably drawn to the widow Nora, as he was to all beautiful women. He fantasized all the ways to make her melt in his arms, but could not consider doing one of them.  His task was to protect her cousin, the visiting princess.  While at a ball, Lord Atherton was absorbed with other delectable thoughts of Nora when the princess made her escape from the ball. She and Nora had exchanged gowns. She had to escape her bodyguards whom she suspected they were not altogether just bodyguards and see her aunt, Nora’s mother. The intrigues of politics were in play and unwittingly both Lord Atherton and Nora Adams were caught in its trap.

My Thoughts: Patricia Rice’s imagination takes the reader on a marvelous voyage.  She is articulate, portraying characters full of wit and feistiness.  I do not hesitate in recommending her as a writer, no matter what story she is telling.

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